Winterline Photo Contest Winners

By: Jess Bonner | December 8, 2017
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Check out Trimester 1's Photo Contest Winners!

Normally on Fridays we post our photos of the week, however both of our cohorts have finished Trimester 1 and have headed home. As our students went home for break, we asked them to submit photos for our Trimester 1 Photo Contest. The categories for submission were Friendship, Skills, and Winterline. These categories were left open to the interpretation of our students. Photos were judged anonymously by Winterline staff. This trimester all of our students’ photos were so amazing we chose three for each category. Check out our winners for each category below (photos are not in a specific order). Huge congrats to this trimester’s winners Meagan Kindrat, Alex Messitidis, Anna Nickerson, and Leela Ray!

Be sure to check out last week’s photos, if you missed them. We will be back again with more of our favorite photos next Friday!


Photo Contest, Friendship By Leela Ray
Friendship | Photo By: Leela Ray
Photo Contest, Friendship, Meagan Kindrat
Friendship | Photo By: Meagan Kindrat
Photo Contest, Friendship, Anna Nickerson
Friendship | Photo By: Anna Nickerson


Photo Contest, Skills, Anna Nickerson
Skills | Photo By: Anna Nickerson
Photo Contest, Skills, Meagan Kindrat
Skills, Christian cutting some chilies for fermentation | Photo By: Meagan Kindrat
Photo Contest, Skills, Alex Messitidis
Skills | Photo By: Alex Messitidis


Photo Contest, Winterline, Leela Ray
Winterline | Photo By: Leela Ray


Photo Contest, Winterline, Alex Messitidis
Winterline | Photo By: Alex Messitidis
Photo Contest, Winterline, Anna Nickerson
Winterline | Photo By: Anna Nickerson

Let us know your favorite photos in the comments below! To see more photos of our students in the field be sure to check out our InstagramTumblr, and Facebook.


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