Why take a gap year?

The Time is Now

Are you ready to take a risk, learn something new, see other places … free yourself from the familiar?

Are you eager to “discover your passion”? Are you still looking for the thing you are passionate about?

Do you feel like you want to experiment and explore all your options before making life-altering decisions, like what to study or what you’d like to do for your career?

Do you feel like you need to try something other than another year of school? Something where you learn, but in an entirely different way?

Are you itching to learn practical skills to prepare you for the real world?

These are great reasons to take a gap year, rather than going directly from high school to college or to go straight through college without taking a breath.

Gap Years in the News

More and more students are considering a gap year or semester experience before college. The benefits of taking a break from the classroom can lead to an improved college experience, a more fulfilling career, and increased self-confidence. We’re happy to share more information with you.

10 Reasons to Take a Gap Year

Researchers have studied both the motivations and outcomes of taking a gap year. Time and again the data comes up positive. Gap experiences can have a lasting powerful effect on your future.

  • 1.

    Gain skills. In one survey, 84% of gappers said they acquired skills that will help them be successful in their careers.

  • 2.

    Learn more about yourself. If there’s one thing you should be an expert on, it’s yourself. Your gap year is like an independent study of you.

  • 3.

    “I want to do everything.” This quote from one of our Winterline alumni says it all – that’s why we help you dip your toe into many waters.

  • 4.

    Learn by doing. Keats said “nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced.” A gap experience is a time to learn outside the classroom.

  • 5.

    You’ll do better in school. It’s true. Studies show that gappers outperform other students, both immediately after their gap experience and over the long term. **

  • 6.

    It builds character. Personal growth can be fun! More than 90% of gappers report increased maturity and confidence after their gap year. One of our alumni said “Be ready to be challenged like never before.”

  • 7.

    Try something different. Exploration. Experimentation. In one survey of gappers, 60% said their gap year either confirmed their chosen path or set them on a new one.*

  • 8.

    Recharge. You’ve been a student for a long time. Maybe you’re a little burnt out. A gap year can help you re-discover your joy of learning.

  • 9.

    If not now, when? In some countries, more than half of high school grads take a break before starting college. It’s a time of freedom in your life – take advantage of it.

  • 10.

    You’ll be happier later. 86% of past gappers who are currently employed said they are satisfied or very satisfied with their current job.* Your gap year can be the first step toward a more satisfying life.



Are you prepared for life?

“I’d send my son again. I believe this experience was one of the smartest investments we have done for him.”


*Gap Year Association brochure
**Bob Clagett study, Gap Year Association website

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