The best of the best: Our partner organizations

Each Winterline program is built around the belief that young adults can benefit from acquiring a vast range of practical real-world skills. Skills that will be useful in almost any walk of life, profession, or geography in their future. But who teaches the skills? Who leads the experiences?

At Winterline, we partner with top providers. Each of these organizations is an established leader that delivers top-notch instruction in their field. Each also provides outstanding facilities and meets our demanding standards of risk management, an important consideration when you are hiking in the Himalayas, learning self-care care in India, or working with glass in Venice.

We work hard to find and select partners who share our vision of delivering a rich, comprehensive experience that would be impossible to create on your own.

Below are just a few of the exceptional organizations that we partner to ensure that the quality of experience and caliber of  instruction on our skills programs are unsurpassed.

Partners (partial list)

  • Abalimi Bezekhaya

  • Aerie Backcountry Medicine, India

  • Bai Pai Thai Cooking Academy

  • Bangkok Vanguards

  • BMW

  • Ca’macana

  • City of Knowledge

  • EarthEnable

  • Eco Studio

  • Ecole Paul Dubrule

  • Grasshopper Adventures

  • Hanifl Centre

  • Innovation Center

  • Money Experience

  • Monteverde Institute

  • Orsoni Glass

  • Pacific Coast Dive Center

  • Paddle Panama

  • Phare Circus

  • Rancho Mastatal, Costa Rica

  • Technikum Wien

  • The Capacity Specialists

  • ThinkImpact

  • Usiko

  • YMCA of the Rockies

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