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What do you want to learn? Where do you want to go? With your Winterline Independent Project, you can make it happen. 

Are you ready to take learning into your own hands? Students enrolled in the 9-month Winterline Global Skills Gap Year have the unique ability to participate in a variety of Independent Study Projects (ISPs) throughout the program–dedicated weeks that offer freedom and choice.

What do you want to learn? What are you passionate about? Which country do you want to visit or revisit? Whatever your answers are, you can make it happen during your Winterline Independent Study Project. Whether you want to develop skills that are practical or creative, to hone a talent you’ve tried, or dip your toes something completely new, you can choose. During the first trimester, you’ll select a week-long ISP from a long list of approved options. There’s something to fit any interest; from working on a coffee plantation, to practicing mindfulness, to learning the art of sewing, baking, or horsemanship. 

Your trimester three ISP is all yours to create! It’s like an 8-day apprenticeship of your choice in Europe. You’ll research, plan, and develop it working with your Field Advisors, who ensure that you stay within the set budget and that you meet clear risk management guidelines.

Some students choose to follow in the footsteps of past Winterliners who have shadowed a minister in the Austrian Parliament, taken cooking classes in Paris, learned to sail off the coast of Spain, or studied photography in Amsterdam. Other students choose to research and develop a completely new path. Whatever you choose, these experiences give you first-hand lessons in budgeting, time management, planning, and emergency preparedness, all of which prepare you for college, career, and life. Check out examples of past trimester three independent projects below. 


Classes in the Flamenco singing style while staying in Sevilla, Spain


Shadowing a member of Parliament at Austrian National Council


Learning leaps and flips at Circus School in Ireland


Embedded in a start-up with an entrepreneur in London


Here are even more examples of where Winterline Gap students have traveled and what they’ve planned and learned on their Trimester Three Independent Study Projects.

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