February is Gap Year Exploration Month!

Are you ready to #explorethegapyear? Every year, more and more students are considering and taking gap years before entering into college or their career path. We believe that the life experience, skills learning, and cultural growth students explore during this time set them up for a successful adulthood ahead. While we could talk about this every day, Gap Year Exploration Month was created to help students, parents, families, and counselors, discover the incredible opportunities that lie within a gap year.

So why should you consider a gap year? How do you know if a gap year is right for you? How do you know which gap year is right for you? These are all great questions!

The first step is recognizing that there’s no one type of student who takes a gap year. There are plenty of misconceptions about gap year students: that they have to be rich, that they weren’t good students, that they’ll fall behind, that it’ll be a waste of time. We know that none of this is true, and the data backs us up.

gap year exploration month, winterline, gap yearThe next step is to find the right program for you. To ensure that every student ends up in the program that fits them, you have to explore your gap year options. We believe wholeheartedly in our program, and so do many others – Winterline was recognized as one of the Top Rated Gap Year Programs of 2019! But Winterline is just one of the many gap year opportunities available. You can use #explorethegapyear on social media to find information, and find program reviews on sites like GoAbroad and GoOverseas.

Winterline Gap Year Students
Winterline Gap Year Students

Additionally, this month is the result of a partnership between the Gap Year Association and Streamable U. Together, they’re bringing you a month full of educational and entertaining livestreams hosted by a variety of gap year programs and experts.

Whether you’re looking for general gap year information or specific details about Winterline, you’ll want to check out these events.

  • February 6th: Through a partnership with Streamable U, our Director of Outreach and Recruitment, Erica, is giving an introductory info session on Winterline
  • February 10th: Get a taste for Winterline on our Instagram Live with a current student in the field
  • February 18th: Learn about the benefits of a gap year and Winterline’s gap, semester, and summer programs in an info session hosted by our Admissions Advisor Nora
  • February 24th: Hear from an expert on Instagram Live: former Field Advisor and current Director of Outreach and Recruitment, Erica

    Caroline and Erica celebrating Holi at MUWCI | Photo By: Dini Vermaat
    Caroline and Erica celebrating Holi at MUWCI | Photo By: Dini Vermaat

And of course, there’s still dates on the USA Gap Year Fairs circuit! Join us in one of the following cities to learn about a variety of gap year programs, including our own.

As always, we love talking to students and families, so reach out with any questions or schedule a home visit with our Director of Outreach and Recruitment. If you’re ready to commit, you can apply for a Winterline gap, semester, or summer program today.