Travel for Less on Cyber Monday

Now that the Thanksgiving long weekend is over and you’re back to class or work, it may feel like nothing exciting is happening anymore. But that’s not true: there are still sales to shop tonight, and even for the next few days on some sites! This Cyber Monday, dig into your travel fund for a discounted ticket to your dream destination.

Flight Deals

  • Aer Lingus: Today and tomorrow, fly to Europe for less! You can save $100 on economy seats or $200 on business class seats from U.S. cities including Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Seattle, and more. Land in a European city of your choice!
  • Alaskan Airlines: You still have 2 days left to take advantage of Alaskan Airlines’ flight deals. These flights start from just $29, max out around $200, and take you to and from almost any U.S. city and to select international destinations! 
  • Delta: Until December 4th, you can take advantage of Delta’s domestic and international flight deals. Round trip flights start at just $97!
  • Frontier Airlines: You can save 99% on your flight before taxes and fees. Yes, you read that right: 99% off! You still have to pay for luggage and other fees, but the end result is still a really cheap flight. Use the code “CYBER” to save on select fares until midnight!
  • JetBlue: Book before midnight tomorrow to get discounted flights from almost any city on JetBlue.
  • Norwegian Air: Norwegian Air is offering 15% off select nonstop flights until midnight tonight! You can get from San Francisco to Paris or New York to Amsterdam for under $150, and more.winterline_airplane_budget
  • Qatar Airways: Today only, get flights starting at $545 to destinations in Southeast Asia and Africa! This may still sound expensive, but compared to the usual cost to fly to Thailand or Kenya, this is a great deal. You can even save on a flight to South Africa for our summer program! 
  • Scandinavian Airlines: Looking to get to Denmark, Norway, Sweden, or somewhere else in Europe? Get flights starting at $349 when you book before midnight tomorrow!
  • Southwest: Deals for Southwest start at just $39 dollars and are available until December 5th. 
  • Spirit Airlines: Spirit is already known for their low-cost flights, but you can save even more until midnight! These flights start at just $23.30 one way.
  • Student Universe: You can save up to $200 on flights when you book through Student Universe to fly anywhere around the world.
  • United Airlines: Use the code CYBER25 until midnight tomorrow to upgrade your seat to Economy Plus for extra legroom! You can also browse discounted flights starting at $97.

Of course, you’re going to need luggage for these trips. Might as well take advantage of these sales as well and treat yourself to a new suitcase!

winterline, gap year, sale
Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels
  • eBags: Not sure which brand you want? Retailer eBags has them all in one place to scroll through, and until midnight, you can get your picks for up to 50% off with the code CYBER.
  • Monos: Use the code CYBERMONDAY to save up to 25% on these premium suitcases.
  • MVST Select: Until December 4th, you can save 35% on your purchase with the code BF35. This is their largest discount of the year, so don’t miss out!
  • Roam Luggage: Buy more, save more. With this sale, you’ll save $50 when you buy one suitcase, $125 when you buy two, and $250 when you buy three!
  • Zappos: Like eBags, this retailer has multiple brands in one place for you to compare – and they’re on sale! Scroll through to see what deals are available.







What’s in Your Carry-On?: Winterline Staff Edition

Our Winterline staff are no strangers to travel. Former Field Advisors, expats, and general travel enthusiasts alike, we’ve all had our fair share of long flights. So to help you figure out what’s most important to pack in your carry-on bag, I asked our seasoned travelers to share the items they wouldn’t be caught without.


Admissions Advisor

winterline, gap year, travel, earbuds
Photo by Gavin Whitner

Headphones!!! I’d lose my mind without them. Lately, I have Netflix episodes downloaded to watch during the flight. A change of clothes or two in case something happens with my luggage. A snack if I can remember-usually a granola bar. I hate flying, so for me I’ve found that music/podcast/Netflix is a better distraction than a book, which is why I don’t really read on the plane.


Director of Outreach and Recruitmentwinterline, gap year, travel, cash

Cash on hand. What if your credit cards don’t work? Did you forget to put a travel notification on it? Cash is ol’ reliable. Plus, it’s super quick and easy to walk up to a currency exchange in your destination airport and change currencies so you can immediately have local cash on hand. But make sure your cash on hand is made up of crisp bills! In many countries if your bills are torn a little or worn out too much, they won’t take it, including currency exchanges. Get crisp new bills from the bank or an ATM before you leave!


Vice President of Sales and Marketingwinterline, gap year, travel, book

Always food for me! Plus a book (old fashioned!), a sweater or scarf in case the plane is chilly, and  extra phone charger.


Chief Risk Officer

winterline, gap year, travel,

A battery pack for phone and a SIM card case to make sure I don’t lose the sim from my home country carrier.


Director of Student Services

winterline, gap year, travel,

A phone charger/battery bank and first aid kit, and a bandanna because they are versatile and come in handy for various things


Director of Programswinterline, gap year, travel, dark chocolate

I would say a book or my kindle and some dark chocolate.


Presidentwinterline, gap year, wild sage, carry-on

I always travel with something from home; a rock, some sage, or a piece of jewelry from home (thus the Navajo turquoise earring I wear). I also always have 2-3 pairs of headphones so I can listen to music and podcasts.


Marketing Coordinatorwinterline, gap year, travel, crossword

I don’t go anywhere without a book, whether it’s downloaded on my phone or a physical copy. I also like a good crossword book to keep me busy, and headphones of course!


Country Director for Costa Rica

winterline, gap year, travel, pen

I always have a pen!!! You never know when you’ll need a pen, and it’s soooo great to have on hand.


Are we missing out on something handy that you like to keep in your carry-on bag? Let us know in the comments! And if you’re looking for a comprehensive packing list, we’ve got that covered, too.