Happy 50th Earth Day

Today is no ordinary Earth Day. Today is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! Over the years, Earth Day has become “recognized as the planet’s largest civic event and it led to passage of landmark environmental laws in the United States, including the Clean Air, Clear Water and Endangered Species Acts.” However, despite incredible progress over the last 50 years, circumstances are dire today.

Every year, the Earth Day Network chooses a priority to focus on for Earth Day. This year is all about climate action! Here’s a few ways you can act to combat climate change even during the current quarantine.

Start a Garden

Bring a little bit of green into your life. This is a great way to safely enjoy the outdoors while adding to the earth. Utilize whatever space you have: a yard, window boxes, or some pots on a sunny shelf. Do your research to find the right plants for you. Consider how much room you have, light you get, and attention you’re prepared to give. If you love to cook, consider some vegetables or herbs. If you love fresh flowers, get some colorful blooms. Looking for something more lowkey? Stock up on succulents. There’s plenty of online stores you can order seeds and plants from to be delivered right to your home.earth day, garden, flowers

Stream a Documentary

Travel right from your sofa! There’s plenty of shows and movies on networks like Discovery Channel, Netflix, EarthX, and National Geographic. From the deep sea to the mountaintops, jungle to desert, you can explore every corner of the world without moving a muscle. Learn all about our world, the creatures who inhabit it, the issues our environment is facing, and how we can help.

earth day, documentary

Check in on Animal Livestreams

Need a dose of cuteness? Zoos and aquariums around the world have set up livestreams so that you can see what their animals are up to at all hours. Penguins, elephants, and even senior dogs – chances are, there’s a stream set up to see your favorite creature. So if you’re wondering what animals do when no one’s watching, now’s your chance to find out!earth day, elephant, animal

Shop Sustainably

When you turn to online shopping, gear your attention toward brands that are kind to the environment. Goods that are package or plastic free, made with recycled materials, or give back through donations are your best bet. By buying from these companies, you’re lessening your own environmental footprint and creating higher need for sustainable products.sustainability, shopping, earth day


Put your money where your mouth is! If you have discretionary funds, why not donate them to an organization that aims to help the earth and those living on it? By simply donating money, you can help work toward climate neutrality, save endangered species, bring clean water to underprivileged communities, replant rainforests, and so much more. Truly, every little bit counts: just give what you can. And remember to do your research and be sure that you know how an organization uses donated funds before giving them your money.

earth day, donate, charity

Go for a Walk

Put on your mask and head outside for a walk. As long as you keep your distance from others, it’s okay to get outside for some fresh air. Listen for birds, smell some flowers, and be thankful for this beautiful world that we live in.

walk, earth day
Andrew walking in Maharashtra | Photo By: Lex Messitidis

How are you making a difference this year? Let us know!