Leadership in Action

Cross-cultural dialogue & collaborative learning

Are you prepared to live and work in a globally diverse world? Step outside of your comfort zone this summer, discover what drives you, and learn the real-world leadership skills that will prepare you to make a difference. You make it happen.

16 Days
1 Country


Spend this summer in beautiful South Africa meeting leaders who are changing the world while gaining the skills you’ll need so you too can make your mark.  You will get your hands dirty and learn real-world skills by doing them. You’ll work with your squad and alongside local students on a variety of projects. Urban agriculture? Check. Social entrepreneurship and sustainability? Check. A short digital film that you write, shoot, and edit? We’ve got it covered.

The program culminates with you designing a crowdfunding campaign that supports your personal passion. We’ll give you the tools and the real experience to make your mark on the world. Hear more.

Program Highlights

  • Engage in a cross-cultural dialogue with local students and participate in collaborative learning.

  • Make a short digital film with a local filmmaker, write it, shoot it, and edit it.

  • Explore social entrepreneurship and sustainability through an upcycling workshop.

Reasons To Go

  • Step outside of your comfort zone, discover what drives you, and learn how to make a difference.

  • Develop meaningful friendships across cultures and work alongside your peers.

  • Experience leadership in action in a variety of settings. Learn it, practice it, master it.

Cape Town


Skills (View Full List)
  • Impact Leadership

  • Urban Agriculture

  • Storytelling and Public Speaking

  • Team and Interpersonal Skills

  • Sustainable Artistry


Abalimi Bezekhaya

Usiko Stellenbosch

Plant the Seed Education

"This program taught me how to be a global citizen, how to communicate, and most importantly, it taught me the importance of humanity.”


Skills for Life

Program At A Glance


Leadership in Action

Dates Offered
July 11-26, 2021

Duration 16 days

South Africa

Summer 2021 Early application Mar 30, 2021

Summer 2021 Final application May 31, 2021

  • Day 1-2 Orientation
  • Day 3-4 Filmmaking Workshop
  • Day 5-6 Travel/Free Day/Graffiti Workshop
  • Day 7-8 Urban Agriculture Project
  • Day 9 Crowdfunding Program
  • Day 10-11 Wilderness Rites of Passage
  • Day 12 Rest Day/Safari (optional)
  • Day 13 Upcycling Project
  • Day 14 Film Editing
  • Day 15-16 Celebratory Dinner/Exhibition/Departure
Impact Leadership, Urban Agriculture, Storytelling and Public Speaking, Team and Interpersonal Skills, Sustainable Artistry
Partners (Partial List)
Dominique, Keanon, Abalimi Bezekhaya, Khayelitshca, Usiko Stellenbosch, Plant the Seed Education

Oak Lodge, cabins

Program Fee


Fees include all in-program skills training, local travel on all programming days, all meals, lodging, and emergency medical and evacuation insurance.

Fees do not include airfare to and from South Africa, or local transportation and optional activities on free days.

Details & Schedule subject to change.

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