Photos of the Week 10/27

By: Jess Bonner | October 27, 2017
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Our blue cohort has arrived in Costa Rica and our green cohort is close behind! Check out these photos of this week's adventures.

Can you believe it’s already Friday again? Trimester one is going by fast for our students! Having finished up in Belize, our blue cohort arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica earlier this week. There they had a couple of rest days and met with the students at United World College of Costa Rica. Following close behind, our green cohort is SCUBA Certified and finishing up their time with Ridge to Reef in Belize. Check out these photos from their week of adventures!

Don’t forget that every Friday we will be putting together our favorite photos and travel highlights from the past week. Be sure to check out last week’s photos, if you missed them. We will be back again with more photos from the field next Friday!

Meagan in Belize | Photo By: Dini Vermaat
Blue Cohort out to eat in Costa Rica | Photo By: Jess Bonner
John making a drum | Photo By: Dini Vermaat
Drum Making | Photo By: Dini Vermaat
Green Cohort at Blue Creek Cave | Photo By: Ed Thompson
Alex at Blue Creek Cave | Photo By: Ed Thompson
Anna and Patrick | Photo By: Ed Thompson
Natanielle and Susie being silly at SCUBA
Natanielle and Susie being silly at SCUBA | Photo By: Alex Messitidis
Alex Messitidis Photo
Green Cohort Diving in Belize | Photo By: Alex Messitidis
Liam showing off his Fins | Photo By: Alex Messitidis
Natanielle | Photo By: Leela Ray Barlow 
Hayden making chocolate
Hayden making chocolate | Photo By: Ed Thompson
Punta Gorda Beauty | Photo By: Leela Ray Barlow 
Whitaker in Belize | Photo By: Dini Vermaat
Natanielle and Alex | Photo By: Leela Ray Barlow 

Let us know which photo is your favorite in the comments! To see more photos of our students in the field be sure to check out our Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook.

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