Photos of the Week 2/15

By: Allison Herman | February 15, 2019
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It's been a busy week for Winterline students! Check out the new adventures that Thailand and Cambodia have brought since last time.

From waterfalls to skywalks, our students are getting to see all that Cambodia and Thailand have to offer! This week brought a lot of exploring and sightseeing, with partners Bangkok Vanguards and BaiPai Thai Cooking School, to name a few. Soon, students will be heading to India, so prepare with them to say goodbye to Cambodia and Thailand and hello to another new country.

Every Friday we share our favorite photos and travel highlights from the past week. So be sure to check back again next Friday for another glimpse into our programs.

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime?



winterline, gap year, thailand
Yeukai and Linnea in Thailand | Photo By Emma Mays
winterline, gap year
Caedon taking in the view | Photo By Emma Mays
winterline, gap year, cambodia
Checking out a Cambodian waterfall | Photo By Abby Dulin
winterline, gap year, thailand
A delicious meal cooked at BaiPai Thai Cooking School | Photo By Ivan Kuhn
winterline, gap year, cambodia
Squad 2 hanging out in Cambodia | Photo By Maria O’Neal
winterline, gap year, cambodia
Monkeying around | Photo By Maria O’Neal
winterline, gap year, cambodia
Waterfall fun | Photo By Spencer Holtschult
winterline, gap year, thailand
Taking in the views from Mahanakhon SkyWalk | Photo By Nora Turner
winterline, gap year, thailand
Learning to read a Thai map | Photo By Michael Biedassek, tour guide for the Bangkok Vanguards
winterline, gap year, thailand
Exploring Thailand | Photo By Bangkok Vanguards

Interested in visiting Thailand and Cambodia for yourself? Apply today to visit on our next Winterline gap year. To see more photos of our students in the field be sure to check out our InstagramTumblr, and Facebook.


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