Meet the Staff: Erica Schultz

By: Anna Nickerson | November 5, 2018
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Meet our Director of Outreach and Recruitment, Erica Schultz! Erica was an FA for the blue cohort in our 2017-2018 Global Skills Program. She is back as the Director of Outreach and Recruitment, and we couldn't be more excited to welcome her back!

Where are you from originally?

I was born in Iowa, but I was raised for my entire life in Southern Oregon.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

I grew up being outside, whether it be for sports, hiking, rafting, fishing, camping. Anything! I was infected by the travel bug late in high school when I went to Europe for the first time and never turned back. The last couple years before working for Winterline, I lived over in Southeast Asia running programs for another travel company and eating all of the food!

erica schultz winterline global education gap year
Erica and her mom in Spain.

You were a field advisor with Winterline last year, what made you want to come back this year in a different job position?

I am very passionate about this line of work (being an FA), but within this past year I have become ready for something with a little more permanence where I could have a home base. Being the Director of Outreach and Recruitment still allows me to meet students, talk with them about a program that I am very passionate about, all while allowing me to have a balanced lifestyle.

Why do you love working for Winterline?

I LOVE travel. Winterline goes everywhere and does EVERYTHING. What else is there to say?! I was able to learn so much as a Field Advisor. Getting to spend time with students participating in the plethora of skills and activities offered was as much an experience of growth for me as it was for each student on the program. Winterline really allows students to learn exactly where they want to, what they want to, and to learn something new that they may never have the opportunity to try elsewhere.

erica schultz winterline global education gap year
Erica after celebrating Holi Fest in India.

Can you explain what you do for Winterline? How do you work with/for students?

As mentioned earlier, I am the Director of Outreach and Recruitment. This means that I’ll be the girl at your school talking with your classmates, teachers, study abroad counselors, and other departments about how awesome Winterline is! I’ll be traveling around the US speaking the good word of travel to anyone and everyone that is remotely interested in the coolest alternative to college. It’s a pretty hard job, but somebody has to do it 😉

What is something you want students and parents to know about you?

I’m fresh off the program (May 2018!), so if parents or students have very specific questions about the program/just want to talk about the cool things students get to do, I have great insight on it all!

erica schultz winterline global education gap year

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

Since 2015, I’ve been outside of the country more than I’ve been home.

To find out more about all the rest of our amazing staff, be sure to check out our Winterline Team here.


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