Meet Meagan Kindrat who’ll be dancing her way around the world!

By: Meagan Kindrat | August 10, 2017
Topics: Student Voices
Meagan will be traveling to 10 different countries and learning 100 new skills as part of the Fall 2017 Winterline Global Skills Gap Year program. Read on to learn why she considered taking a gap year, and the things that excite her the most about traveling the world.


Thinking about taking a gap year too?


Megan Kindrat, dancer and gap year student

Why did you choose to take a gap year?

I always knew I wanted to go to university, but I don’t know what I want to do. I decided to wait to go to school when I have a clear final goal in mind. So, I’m taking a gap year to help me figure out what I really enjoy and what I don’t enjoy doing! Then I’ll be ready to go to university.

How did you learn about the Winterline Global Skills Gap Year Program?

Well, my original plan was to live in Austria with a host family that I know. I have a good friend from kindergarten who lives there now. We’ve stayed in close touch! Every year I visit her or she comes to visit me. I spent a month there last summer and was planning to go back next year. One day I was Googling group travel ideas for when I was there and I came across the Winterline program. It sounded great!

Why did you choose Winterline? What about the program appeals to you the most?

What I like best about Winterline is that I’ll get to travel to so many different places. What my dad likes best is that I’ll still be learning throughout the year so it is not just a long “vacation” trip.  As for the skills, I am interested in the coding and robotics part of the trip. My dad says that it’s the way the world is going, so I’d really like to see what it’s all about. What I’m most excited about is probably the scuba diving. I’ve never done it before and want to learn!

What country on the itinerary are you most excited to visit?

I think India will be really cool. It is somewhere I’ve never been and had never planned to go. I’ve traveled to tropical places and to Europe with my family but never to anywhere like India. It is so different culturally. I can’t wait.

Meagan taking gap year

What do you expect to gain from taking a gap year and while traveling abroad?

I hope to find out more about myself. All I’ve done my entire life is go to school and dance. I want to try new things find out what else is out there!

I’ve been a competitive dancer for 6 years and taught dance for 4 years. I train 7 days a week! I’ve entered dances in every genre from tap, to ballet and hip hop, both solo and in a group.

I thought about pursuing it professionally but it’s pretty strict and very competitive. Even if I don’t pursue it professionally, I know I’ll never stop dancing… Even when I’m at the supermarket when a great song comes on I start dancing!  Dance will stick with me for sure.

What are your plans for after your gap year?

I want to go to university for sure. I haven’t applied yet. I have good grades and have done a lot of volunteer work so I’ll be ready when the time comes to apply.

Gap year student
Meagan Kindrat, Winterline student

What is one thing you want your future Winterline peers to know about you?

I want to them to know that I believe that a sense of humor is important to bring with me everywhere. I think I’m really funny and my family thinks I am too. I hope my Winterline peers will as well!

Tell us something fun about you! What is your favorite TV show?

Well, my favorite TV show is Dancing with the Stars because I love dance and Witney Carson is my primary role model.

Lastly, Coke or Pepsi?

Neither. I’d have to say water!

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