It’s Gap Year Exploration Month!

By: Allison Herman | February 6, 2019
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What exactly is Gap Year Exploration Month, and how can you celebrate it? Whether you're a parent, counselor, or student - current, former, or future - there's something you can do to participate!

February is Gap Year Exploration Month! It sounds exciting, but you’re probably wondering what exactly that means. After all, 2019 is the first year the gap year community is celebrating this month.

Gap Year Exploration Month is a time meant to provide information to students, families, and educators about the benefits of taking a gap year. This includes both former, current, and prospective students; we’ll be celebrating both alumni students and parents as well as those considering a gap year in the future. We want to help you do just what the name suggests: explore your gap year options. While we believe wholeheartedly in our program, Winterline is just one of the many gap year opportunities available. We want to ensure that every student ends up in the program that’s right for years resolution travel

So what can you do to celebrate Gap Year Exploration Month?

If you’re an alum or current student, start sharing your experiences! The Gap Year Association recommends using the following approach: post, boast, and host. Use #explorethegapyear to share your stories, pictures, and videos on social media. Talk to your friends, your family, your classmates about why you decided to take a gap year and how it’s changed your life. Talk to younger students at the high school you attended to get them thinking about the possibility of a gap year. Finally, offer to host an information session for the gap year program that you participated in. These methods will allow you to spread the word about the gap year that changed your life for the better, and will help other students benefit, as well. Check out the student and alumni toolkit for more specific ideas you can use to talk about your gap year.

If you’re a prospective gap year student, start exploring! Search the hashtag #explorethegapyear to hear from people who have been through the gap year experience and learn from what they have to say. Try reaching out to someone to ask them whatever questions are on your mind; Winterline alumni are happy to talk about their gap years, and so are their parents. There’s no better way to gauge a program than to hear from someone who’s been on it! You can also reach out to us: contact us online or via phone, or meet up with us face-to-face at a gap year fair or a home visit.

winterline, gap year
Some of our alumni!

Let’s make this Gap Year Exploration Month a successful one, and find the program that’s right for you!


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