Winterline Graduation 2018 Highlights

By: Jess Bonner | May 11, 2018
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We can't believe it has already been a week since our students were in Boston and we were prepping for their graduation. It was such a joy to be able to celebrate their adventures and newfound skills in the presence of family and friends. Check out the highlights from the ceremony and story slams below.

At graduation this year, our students not only celebrated completing their program, but also presented “story slams” about their time abroad. Story slams are brief presentations highlighting students’ favorite moments during their gap year. These presentations were given in front of everyone at graduation as a final part of the program.

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We are so proud of our students for their ability to express themselves and command a room. The following photos and videos are highlights from the story slams and graduation ceremony. We hope you enjoy!

Blue Cohort Story Slams

winterline gap year graduation
Elaine presenting her story slam on bungee jumping.

The day kicked off with story slams from our Blue Cohort. Elaine was the first to present. She told us about her adventures bungee jumping on a rest day in Costa Rica. Her advice? “Don’t tell people your plans before you go bungee jumping. They will spend all of the time leading up to you going trying to scare you.” Despite her friends trying to scare her, we can tell she had a blast! In Samir’s clip above, he highlights the importance of experiential learning. We have to say, we are very impressed with our students polished public speaking skills. It’s clear that we have some great presenters, and possibly some future stand-up comedians, in our newly graduated class!

winterline gap year graduation
Cody presenting his story slam
winterline gap year graduation
Proud Field Advisors watching the Blue Cohort’s story slams.
winterline gap year graduation
Meagan presenting her story slam at graduation.

While some students chose to talk about activities and experiences, Meagan chose to talk about the relationships she made within her cohort. The blue squad’s “Girl Gang” was a tight knit group of all the girls from the Blue Cohort and the Blue Field Advisors Erica and Patrick. Meagan told us about how having such a solid support group changed her life. She also shared many funny stories about their time traveling abroad.

Fellow girl gang member, Savannah, honored those who had mentally and physically supported her during her gap year by naming the best piggy back ride providers. Winners included Erica, Patrick, Meagan and Whitaker who received the participation award. Dini spoke after Savannah, highlighting her time in Costa Rica at the environmentally conscious and sustainable community, Rancho Mastatal. She also shared her singing talents with us. Check out the video below!

winterline gap year graduation
Savannah sharing her story slam
winterline gap year graduation
Dini describing her time at Rancho Mastatal

Green Cohort Story Slams

Blue’s story slams were followed by the Green Cohort. Andrew was the first up for green. He kicked the group off on a fantastic note and was followed by Alice, who made everyone laugh while she recounted her story of falling off a bike in Cambodia. (She didn’t get hurt, we promise!)

winterline gap year graduation
Andrew presenting his story slam
winterline gap year graduation
Alice making light of a then scary moment, falling off a bike in Cambodia.

Patrick shared how sports allowed him to connect across cultures while traveling the world. Through watching and playing sports with the people he met abroad, Patrick was able to form new relationships. Following Patrick, Hayden shared with us what she would tell her past self about taking a gap year. At the start of the program she wrote herself a letter which she shared with us. Now at the end of the program she wrote her past self a reply.

winterline gap year graduation
Patrick sharing his thoughts on sports and travel.
winterline gap year graduation
Hayden reading her letter to herself.

Graduation Ceremony

For the graduation ceremony itself, students were called up individually and presented with a khata. A khata is a traditional Tibetan scarf that is symbolic of purity and compassion. It is common for these to be worn at major life events, like graduations. After receiving their khata, our students were given their diplomas and were honored by their Field Advisors and other Winterline staff.

winterline gap year graduation
Elaine being presented with her khata.
winterline gap year graduation
Dini after receiving her diploma.
winterline gap year graduation
Patrick congratulating Sophia on graduating and her completion of the Winterline Program.
winterline gap year graduation
Nick congratulating Alex on her graduation.
winterline gap year graduation
Green Cohort boys, post Graduation.
winterline gap year graduation
Silly Grads! Our Blue and Green Cohorts together.
winterline gap year graduation
Our Blue Cohort
Winterline gap year graduation
Our Green Cohort

After the ceremony, we took group photos of our students and celebrated with a reception. For more graduation photos be sure to check out our Facebook album here.

Want to hear first hand from a Winterline alum? We’re always happy to set up prospective students with alumni for them to get a better understanding of our program. If you have any questions about the Winterline program or would like to be connected with an alumni, reach out to us at! Applications are open for our Fall 2018 Gap Year program. Now through May 25th we are offering $1000 off in honor of gap year decision day.



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