The Money Experience

A better approach to financial literacy

Study after study shows that young people today feel ill-equipped to make critical financial decisions. In fact, only 5 states require a stand-alone course in personal finance for high school graduation. And good luck getting students to pay attention. The jargon is brutal and the math can be both boring and intimidating.


Winterline’s Money Experience is different. Created by financial experts, business managers, and experienced educators for students in middle school, high school or college, and based on real data, The Money Experience was developed to teach concepts instead of math.

Even the less numerate students can be confident and learn how their money decisions impact the things they want in life.

Through interactive simulations throughout the program, students explore the relationships between important life decisions, their financial health, and quality of life. Students are asked to decide what they most value in life out of a range of priorities such as Family, Health, Adventure, Leisure, Education, Social Good, and Career.

Why Financial Literacy Matters
In a survey conducted in 2013 by the Junior Achievement & Allstate Foundation, 25% of teens think they will not become financially independent until they are between the ages of 25 – 27; this number is up from 12% in 2011.

By including financial literacy as an educational requirement, young people will have the tools to pursue their dreams.

Program Format
The Money Experience program includes a web-based software application that integrates a graphic novel and a proprietary financial simulator, as well as classroom curriculum and instructor training materials.

It has been designed to be flexible depending on what works best for your school and can be delivered in a variety of formats, including a 5 –day class or summer enrichment program, an intensive weekend workshop, and semester classes.

Want to Know More?
Is your school or university committed to preparing your students to make smart decisions throughout all the stages of their life, and to understand the long-term implications of those life decisions?

We can help you make it fun, inspiring curiosity so that students seek out additional knowledge.

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