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Vibrancy of India

By: | July 22, 2019
Topic: Location Spotlight, Life Skills, Wanderlust, Travel Skills

One of the many countries our gap year students is India. It's impossible to describe such a (...)

The Precarious Art of Singing An Eleven Part Harmony

By: Leela Ray Barlow | March 27, 2019
Topic: Wanderlust, Guest Blogger, Student Voices, Uncategorized

Our 2018 graduate Leela wrote a reflection on her Winterline gap year, and it was so beautiful, (...)

Tuktuks and Tourists

By: Paris Geolas | March 6, 2019
Topic: Wanderlust, Guest Blogger, Student Voices, Travel Skills

"The tuktuk drive to the Landmine Museum is beautiful, I never for a second wanted to close my (...)

Panama: The Bridge Between Two Continents (mostly) and the Connector of Oceans

By: Brittany Lane | February 20, 2019
Topic: Location Spotlight, Wanderlust, Student Voices, Uncategorized

"We want adventure. Actually, let’s rephrase that... we crave adventure. We need something in (...)

Halfway There: An Interview with Ivan Kuhn

By: Benjamin Kilimnik | February 20, 2019
Topic: Life Skills, Wanderlust, Interviews, Gap Year Planning, Student Voices, Uncategorized

“I have been playing all these games and pretending to be this character that goes on crazy (...)

Keeping your 2019 Travel Resolutions

By: Allison Herman | January 18, 2019
Topic: Wanderlust, Gap Year Planning, Travel Skills

New Year's Resolutions can be really great and give us a lot of inspiration for the year ahead. (...)