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Guide for Preparing to Live in a Different Country

By: Sophia Perry | March 9, 2020
Topic: Guest Blogger, Travel Skills

Getting ready to move to a new country can be overwhelming. So how you can prepare? Here's what (...)

7 Tips for Starting Your Own Travel Blog

By: Allison Herman | February 3, 2020
Topic: Life Skills, Travel Skills

If you're traveling the world doing amazing things, people are going to want to hear about it. (...)

Monteverde Host Family Interview

By: Josh Herman | January 27, 2020
Topic: Interviews, Student Voices, Travel Skills

Homestays are an integral part of immersing yourself in another culture, which is why our (...)

Travel for Less on Cyber Monday

By: Allison Herman | December 2, 2019
Topic: Life Skills, Travel Skills

Cyber Monday isn’t over yet! We’ve rounded up some of the best flight deals below so that you (...)

How to Handle Reverse Culture Shock

By: Allison Herman | November 25, 2019
Topic: Life Skills, Travel Skills

The whole point of your gap year is to get a new perspective on the world and learn about the (...)

7 Tips to Mastering a Foreign Language While Abroad

By: Allison Herman | October 30, 2019
Topic: Life Skills, Travel Skills

You don't need to know a country's native language to study there, but you may find yourself (...)