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Panama: The Bridge Between Two Continents (mostly) and the Connector of Oceans

By: Brittany Lane | February 20, 2019
Topic: Location Spotlight, Wanderlust, Student Voices, Uncategorized

"We want adventure. Actually, let’s rephrase that... we crave adventure. We need something in (...)

Location Spotlight: Rancho Mastatal

By: Allison Herman | December 17, 2018
Topic: Location Spotlight, Life Skills

We thought it was time for an update on the work we do with partner Rancho Mastatal. And what (...)

Location Spotlight: Triangle Y Ranch Camp

By: Anna Nickerson | August 28, 2018
Topic: Location Spotlight

In just a few weeks, our first squad of students will be heading to Tucson, Arizona for their (...)

Location Spotlight: NOLS Southwest

By: Anna Nickerson | August 15, 2018
Topic: Location Spotlight

After our students venture to Arizona for orientation next month, they will embark on their (...)

Chef Up: Cooking with Winterline!

By: Anna Nickerson | July 18, 2018
Topic: Location Spotlight, Travel Skills

Cooking is one of our most-loved and popular skills on our Global Skills Program. Read more if (...)

Location Spotlight: Monteverde, Costa Rica

By: Allison Herman | December 19, 2017
Topic: Location Spotlight

The last stop our students made before heading home for winter break was in Costa Rica. Curious (...)