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Guide for Preparing to Live in a Different Country

By: Sophia Perry | March 9, 2020
Topic: Guest Blogger, Travel Skills

Getting ready to move to a new country can be overwhelming. So how you can prepare? Here's what (...)

10 Ways to Keep Learning on Your Gap Year

By: Marques Coleman | February 26, 2020
Topic: Guest Blogger, Gap Year Planning

One of the most common worries we hear is that a gap year will cause students to fall behind in (...)

The Best Places to Travel for a History Lover

By: Erica Sunarjo | January 22, 2020
Topic: Guest Blogger, Education, Gap Year Planning

Reading about historic sites and breathtaking cities with a rich history can only help you (...)

What to Expect from the Winterline Admissions Process

By: Nora Rich | December 23, 2019
Topic: About Us, Guest Blogger, Gap Year Planning

Curious about what the admissions process is like for Winterline? No one knows it better than (...)

Changing the World Through Education

By: Cristina Hoyos | June 21, 2019
Topic: Life Skills, Guest Blogger, Education, Student Voices

At Winterline's 2019 graduation, Cristina told us about her reasoning for taking a gap year, (...)

Not Your Ordinary Circus

By: Erica Schultz | June 7, 2019
Topic: Location Spotlight, Programs, Guest Blogger

Few people know our program better than Erica, former Field Advisor and current Director of (...)