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Does a Gap Year Improve Study Habits?

By: Allison Herman | August 9, 2019
Topic: Life Skills, Business Skills, Education

You may be inclined to think that a year off from school would make it harder for students to (...)

“Leave No Trace” for Traveling on Your Gap Year

By: | July 19, 2019
Topic: Location Spotlight, Education, Travel Skills

Our partner NOLS uses a set of guidelines that teaches students how to enjoy everything the (...)

How to Market Your Gap Year

By: Allison Herman | July 10, 2019
Topic: Life Skills, Business Skills, Education

So you're back from your gap year - now what? How do you sum up all of your amazing experiences (...)

Changing the World Through Education

By: Cristina Hoyos | June 21, 2019
Topic: Life Skills, Guest Blogger, Education, Student Voices

At Winterline's 2019 graduation, Cristina told us about her reasoning for taking a gap year, (...)

Kids Who Travel More Perform Better in School

By: Allison Herman | March 18, 2019
Topic: Life Skills, Education, Gap Year Planning, Travel Skills, Uncategorized

Can it be true? Can students actually learn more outside of the classroom? We certainly think (...)

Why You Should Sign Up for a Home Visit

By: Allison Herman | February 11, 2019
Topic: About Us, Staff Spotlights, Education, Gap Year Planning, Uncategorized

You may be on board for a Winterline gap year already, but your guardians might want a little (...)