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Students speak about why they took a gap year

By: Winterline | July 20, 2020
Topic: Student Voices

It's 9 months of traveling the world doing anything and everything. This video highlights gap (...)

Bridging the Gap with Oliver

By: Oliver Sandreuter | May 29, 2020
Topic: Life Skills, Interviews, Gap Year Planning, Student Voices

Our very own alum Oliver Sandreuter talks about his book, "Bridging the Gap" and explains how (...)

Traveling the World with Liam

By: Allison Herman | May 27, 2020
Topic: Life Skills, Wanderlust, Gap Year Planning, Student Voices, Travel Skills

Whether you're looking for insight on a gap year program or trying to go on an adventure from (...)

How to Travel from Your Couch

By: Allison Herman | April 29, 2020
Topic: Life Skills, Education, Travel Skills

Wanderlust taking over? Staying at home is the responsible thing to do, but that doesn't mean (...)

Happy 50th Earth Day

By: Allison Herman | April 22, 2020
Topic: Life Skills, Education

This Earth Day, you might be feeling like you don't know how to show your appreciation for (...)

Guide for Preparing to Live in a Different Country

By: Sophia Perry | March 9, 2020
Topic: Guest Blogger, Travel Skills

Getting ready to move to a new country can be overwhelming. So how you can prepare? Here's what (...)