6 Reasons to Spend your Winter in the Rainforest

By: Allison Herman | October 16, 2017
Topics: Life Skills
You don’t need to love science or farming to join us on this trip. You just have to care about our planet and be adventurous, and you’ll have an amazing time in Costa Rica.

Looking for some color to brighten up your drab winter? Our January trip to the Costa Rican rainforest will help make your life green in more than one way. The luscious canopy of the rainforest is a sight to behold, and the lessons inside at Rancho Mastatal will educate you on how to live sustainably and reduce your carbon footprint to be kinder to the world wherever you go. Need a little convincing? Here’s a few reasons you should join us on our trip!

  1. Rancho Mastatal is focused on community resilience, aka, they care about the people around them. They source their food and building materials locally and “support regional efforts for clean water, healthy food, fertile agricultural land, and safe, naturally constructed buildings”, according to their mission. This will teach you the value of community focus, which you can apply to your home, wherever that may be.

    Lush and tropical Rancho Mastatal

    Walking together in Costa Rica
  2. You’ll get to make really good food. Like, really good food. Like, the best food you’ve ever had in your life food. These Healthy, fresh, delicious meals will bring you and your peers together after a day’s adventures.

    Cooking and preparing food at Rancho Mastatal

    Working as a team to prepare dinner.
  3. Through communal living, you’ll learn patience, practice, and balance. This experience will teach you how to live harmoniously with others, an important skill in an increasingly hostile world.

    Rancho Mastatal

    Hanging with Friends
  4. Climate change is real and it’s happening now. The way we live impacts the Earth, and that means we have the power to decide how much of an effect we have. A sustainability lesson will show you how the area of Mastatal has been affected by climate change, and how you can change your habits to prevent further damage.
    Workshop at Rancho Mastatal

    Harvesting bamboo
  5. Learn about permaculture, a way of agriculture that mimics the patterns and relationships found in nature. This will teach you to be a producer when possible, and at other times, an ethical and responsible consumer.

    Learning about permaculture

    Maria sawing bamboo
  6. Every day is something different. You’ll be helping with whatever the farm is working on that day, which means no experience can be replicated anywhere else.

    Having fun in the field together
    Having fun in the field together

    Building walls

You don’t need to love science or farming to join us on this trip. You just have to care about our planet and be adventurous, and you’ll have an amazing time in Costa Rica.


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