Considering a Gap Year? Tips from a Harvard Student

Travel to 10 countries, over 9 months, and learn 100 skills?


Are you thinking of taking a gap year? Perhaps you want to learn new skills, explore a passion, and make new friends. Or maybe you simply need a break from the rigors of school and yearn to explore the world.

But how do you know if a gap year is the right decision? What happens when you leave the comfort of the familiar? It is important to do the research and consider the implications. We suggest that you talk about it with your family, friends, and counselors or advisors. And if you are considering deferring from college for a year, be sure to check in with your admissions office!

Lastly, it may also be helpful to hear from someone who has taken a gap year, so we thought we’d share some advice from Rhea Bennett, a rising sophomore at Harvard College student who took a gap year. Check it out here.