6 Reasons Why Traveling is Awesome

Traveling abroad is even better. Here’s why:

1. The grocery stores are more fun.

At home, going to the grocery store is a frustrating chore – especially on the weekends when hoards of people are out in full force. But when you’re in a new country, grocery shopping is an exotic adventure. Every aisle is full of items you’ve never seen before and tastes you’ve never experienced.

2. History lessons come alive with firsthand perspective.

Reading textbooks about the rich history of countries such as Thailand, Italy and Spain is one thing. Experiencing it in person against the backdrop of foreign tongues and centuries-old sites is something entirely different.

Travel is the best way to immerse yourself in learning without even fully realizing it.

3. Materialism melts away.

You know all that stuff we pile in our bedrooms at home – clothes, shoes, beauty products, CDs, video games, etc.? Once you start exploring marine ecology in Panama or learning high-end cooking skills in Southeast Asia, you quickly realize how little that stuff actually matters.

4. You become better at being alone and being in groups.

You won’t be able to hide behind your ‘introvert’ or ‘extrovert’ label anymore. When traveling, many times you’ll be alone. Other times, you’ll have to be around lots of people. Both experiences are important and easier amid gorgeous scenery, fascinating cultures and good-natured people with interesting accents.

5. It does wonders for your photo collection.

Taking spontaneous photos and videos with your phone is fun, but how many selfies and food close-ups does one person really need? Time spent abroad gives you tons of photo opportunities, ranging from stunning scenery shots to one-of-a-kind cultural landmarks.

6. You might be happier.

Proof that travelers are happier than those who never venture far from home is purely anecdotal, but it’s still powerful. Have you ever had a long chat with someone who’s been all over the world – especially right after they return home? It’s like a dopamine fireworks show.

Travelers get a real buzz out of experiencing other cultures. While learning, reflecting and growing, they have loads of fun in the process.