1 Second Everyday: The Best Way to Capture Your Gap Year

By: Anna Nickerson | June 20, 2018
Topics: Gap Year Planning
Looking for a unique way to document your gap year, but don't want to spend hours on video editing in iMovie? Check out 1SE (1 Second Everyday)!

If you followed along with my Winterline gap year, you know that I love to create video edits of my time while traveling. As much as I love to create a final product that shows a bit of my experience in any given place, it is hard work. A video edit can take me anywhere between two and six hours, just to create a three-minute video! For those of you who want to document your gap year in a video, but don’t want to spend hours creating it, I have a solution for you!

I used “1SE,” or 1 Second Everyday (available on the App Store and Google Play), while I was traveling on Winterline and I’m so happy with the outcome! It’s as simple as taking a one-second long video clip every day in the app, and then once you compile enough clips to make your video, the app will do the rest for you. It’s helpful to set a daily reminder in your phone, so you never forget to take your clips.

Please watch my 1SE video below and see for yourself how great their app is at helping create a beautiful final product:



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