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It’s amazing what you can learn in a summer

Winterline summer programs bring a sense of exploration and discovery to a more focused area of interest. Each program lets you pursue a passion, or get a taste of something that might become a career path. Or not. One thing is certain—you’ll know more … about the field and about yourself … than when you started

Summer 2017

Global Gastronomy

France, Italy, Spain, Thailand, Cambodia

Learn the magic of creating something delicious, no matter where you are. Enjoy a cross-cultural exploration of food and hospitality.

Timing Program Closed

Program Fee $15,000 (all-inclusive)


Weeks 1-2 Italy

Week 3 France

Week 4 Spain

Weeks 5-6 Cambodia

Week 7 Thailand

Film & Digital Storytelling

Rockport, ME, Boston, MA, Stockholm, Sweden, Prague, Czech Republic

Human beings love stories – learn how to tell yours through film.

Timing Program Closed

Program Fee $17,000 (all-inclusive)


Weeks 1-3 Portland

Weeks 3-4 Boston

Weeks 4-5 Prague

Weeks 5-6 Stockholm

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