Life Skills

Take a break from school.
But never stop learning.

Skills, travel, adventure … your time on a Winterline Global Education Program may be the most enriching and exciting experience of your life.

Summer 2019

Finding Your Way: Life Skills & City Exploration


City meets country as you learn and experience the best of everything Thailand has to offer.

Timing May-July

Program Fee $2,700


Day 1 Arrival and Orientation

Day 2-4 Bangkok exploration and Thai cooking

Day 5-8 Coconut farming, mangroves, and village life

Day 9 Departure

The Art of Communication & Intentional Living


Strong interpersonal skills and an understanding of yourself will help carry you successfully through life. Learn these vital skills in the rich culture of Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Timing May-July

Program Fee $4,000


Day 1-4 Orientation and Angkor Wat

Day 5-6 Free Days

Day 7-11 Understanding Conflict

Day 12-13 Rest and Winterline Core

Day 14 Departure

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