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Take a break from school.
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Skills, travel, adventure … your semester with Winterline may be the most enriching and exciting experience of your life.

Fall 2017 Semester

International Business & Entrepreneurship

Boston, MA, Austin, TX, Mumbai, Singapore

Business skills are life skills. Gain hands-on experience at some of the world’s leading innovation hubs.

Timing Program Closed

Program Fee $32,000 (all-inclusive)


Weeks 1-2 Boston, MA

Weeks 3-4 Cambodia

Week 5 Singapore

Weeks 6-7 India

Week 8 Austin, TX

Weeks 9-12 Boston, MA

Global Skills Gap Semester

United States, Costa Rica, Thailand, Cambodia

Acquire the skills of a lifetime in just 12 weeks. Explore, experiment, travel the world, come home knowing more about yourself.

Timing Program Closed

Program Fee $28,000 (all-inclusive)


Weeks 1-5 Costa Rica

Weeks 6-8 Thailand

Week 9 Cambodia

Weeks 10-12 United States

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