Finding Your Way: Life Skills & City Exploration

Skills for urban and rural exploration

City meets country as you learn and experience the best of everything Thailand has to offer.

9 Days
1 Country
Countless Skills


By traversing between city and country, you’ll gain awareness of how you fit into the different spaces around you, and how to fulfill the distinct roles needed of you in each circumstance. The dichotomy of location ensures that everyone- urbanite or ruralist- will be pushed out of their comfort zones to gain new skills. This program will introduce you to the realities of navigating an unfamiliar place while filling your need for adventure in a beautiful and culturally-rich country.

You’ll get the hang of farming rice or coconut, and get the chance to fish. You’ll learn how to protect the tropical mangrove forests, and be taught to cook a Thai meal. Every day will be a new experience as you’re exposed to the unique culture that Thailand has to offer: from the food to the nature, to the spirituality. The experiences you’ll have can’t be replicated anywhere else, but the skills you learn will stay with you long after you return.

Program Highlights

  • Create a traditional three-course meal under the guidance of Thai chefs.

  • Find the places that are off the tourist track in a new and exciting city.

  • Learn techniques of coastline protection through mangrove forests.

Reasons To Go

  • See both the rural and urban sides of Thailand.

  • Explore Coastal Thailand.

  • Be a coconut farmer for a day.


Skills (View Full List)
  • Urban Navigation

  • Thai Cooking

  • Coastal Mangrove Protection

  • Fishing

  • Communication

  • Handling Risk

  • Leadership Skills

  • Teamwork


Bangkok Vanguards

Bai Pai Thai Cooking

“Be ready to be challenged like never before; the outcome is so worth it.”

Rural navigation

Skills for Life

Program At A Glance


Finding Your Way: Life Skills & City Exploration

Dates Offered
Dates and application coming soon!

Duration 9 Days


Summer 2019 Early application Feb 1, 2019

Summer 2019 Final application May 11, 2019

  • Day 1 Arrival and Orientation
  • Day 2-4 Bangkok exploration and Thai cooking
  • Day 5-8 Coconut farming, mangroves, and village life
  • Day 9 Departure
Urban Navigation, Thai Cooking, Coastal Mangrove Protection, Fishing, Communication, Handling Risk, Leadership Skills, Teamwork
Partners (Partial List)
Bangkok Vanguards and Bai Pai Thai Cooking

Shared Hotel Rooms

Program Fee


Fees include all in-program skills-training, local travel and breakfast & lunch on programming days, lodging, emergency medical and evacuation insurance.

Fees do not include flights to and from Bangkok, Thailand, and meals and local travel on free days.

Details & Schedule subject to change.

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