Global Skills Gap Semester

12 weeks of adventure and self-discovery

A lifetime of personal skills combined with natural beauty, challenging activities and introspective self-awareness. World-class partners and astonishing locations ensure that this is an experience unlike any other.

12 Weeks
4 Countries
Oodles of Skills


This program is like our nine-month Global Skills Gap Year program, but for those with limited time. Experiment, explore, acquire a lifetime of skills in just 12 weeks! You’ll travel the world and learn skills that are valuable (personal finance, cooking, navigation), eye-opening (milking cows, sewing clothing, Thai fishing), introspective (group dynamics, critical thinking, conflict resolution) and just plain fun (scuba diving, mixology, horseback riding). Every day will be challenging. Every day will be new. If you want to venture into the wider world, while also exploring the farthest reaches of yourself, this is the program for you.

Program Highlights

  • Kick off at orientation with wilderness first aid training and a backpacking trip in the Costa Rican tropical rainforest

  • Design, budget for, and carry out your own independent project while in Cambodia

  • Participate in a fast-paced Startup Bootcamp in the heart of Boston. Identify an idea, research the market and make a pitch. You'll do it all.

Reasons To Go

  • Learn how to manage your personal finances, a valuable skills that will last a lifetime.

  • Know what to do in case of a medical emergency, whether you are in a city or far from home.

Skills (View Full List)
  • Scuba Certification

  • Outdoor Skills

  • Photography

  • Sewing

  • Critical Thinking

  • Business Startup Skills

  • Coral Reef Restoration

  • Conflict Resolution

First Aid

Skills for Life

United States

Costa Rica




Startup Institute

Grasshopper Adv

Monteverde Institute


"Thank you for showing me that it is ok to be myself. You gave me courage to be me."

Program At A Glance


Global Skills Gap Semester


Program Closed

Duration 12 weeks

United States, Costa Rica, Thailand, Cambodia

Fall 2017 Early application Apr 15, 2017

Fall 2017 Final application Jul 15, 2017

  • Weeks 1-5 Costa Rica
  • Weeks 6-8 Thailand
  • Week 9 Cambodia
  • Weeks 10-12 United States
Partners (Partial List)
Outward Bound Costa Rica, BaiPai Cooking School, Grasshopper Adventures, Startup Institute, CORE Sea, Rancho Mastatal, Monteverde Institute

Hotel, tents, hostels, dorms,lodges

Program Fee

$28,000 (all-inclusive)

Fees include all in-program skills-training, travel, food, lodging, emergency medical and evacuation insurance.

Details & Schedule subject to change.

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