Global Gastronomy

Great food is part of a life well-lived

There’s something magical about fine dining and good food – learn to select the best ingredients from a country market and create something memorable and delicious. Here’s your chance to be that person.

6 weeks
5 countries
Bunches of skills


Whether you dream of being a professional chef, owning a B&B or just want to know how to cook and host a killer dinner party, this program delivers. You’ll learn to bake, host a dinner and eat well. You will understand menus, sourcing, and raw ingredients. You’ll practice knife skills as taught by professional chefs. You will explore the culinary traditions of Europe and Asia. Discover the crafts of winemaking and mixology. Learn the cross-cultural art of hospitality. Immerse yourself in food as the heart of human culture, learn from professionals around the world. Whether it’s a career option or a passionate interest, your life as a cook (and as a diner) will never be the same.

Program Highlights

  • Learn first-hand how to select the best fresh ingredients in an open-air market anywhere, and how to bring them to table.

  • Understand how to host a successful dinner, from the guest list and menu planning to wine pairings, service and table etiquette.

  • Discover the magic and savor the flavors of street food, and how to make it at home.

Reasons To Go

  • There’s an art to hosting. Learn to make every party great.

  • Understand the cultures of Europe and Asia through their food.

  • Want to know what makes a good drink? Master the art of mixology.

Skills (View Full List)
  • Meal Planning

  • Cooking

  • Molecular Gastronomy

  • Bread Baking

  • Fishing

  • Mixology

  • Wine Pairing

  • Cheese Making

Bread baking

Skills for Life







BaiPai Cooking School

ALMA Cooking School

Gascony Cookery School

Ecole Paul Dubrule

“I chose Winterline because it offers something vastly different from the other gap programs --skills.”

Program At A Glance


Global Gastronomy


Program Closed

Duration 7 weeks

France, Italy, Spain, Thailand, Cambodia

Summer 2017 Early application Mar 20, 2017

Summer 2017 Final application May 1, 2017

Itinerary (Download full itinerary here)
  • Weeks 1-2 Italy
  • Week 3 France
  • Week 4 Spain
  • Weeks 5-6 Cambodia
  • Week 7 Thailand
Meal Planning, Cooking, Molecular Gastronomy, Bread Baking, Fishing, Mixology, Wine Pairing, Cheese Making
Partners (Partial List)
BaiPai Cooking School, ALMA Cooking School, Gascony Cookery School, Ecole Paul Dubrule, Soria Moria Hotel, Le Boutier, Backstreet Academy

Hostels, dorms, villages

Program Fee

$15,000 (all-inclusive)

Fees include all in-program skills-training, travel, food, lodging, emergency medical and evacuation insurance.

Details & Schedule subject to change.

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