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Connecting, Not Just Communicating: The Beauty of Learning a Foreign Language

By: Anna Nickerson | December 15, 2017
Topic: Life Skills, Student Voices, Travel Skills

If we all look at learning new languages as ways to simply communicate, we are looking at (...)

Sugar, Butter, Flour: What’s Inside My Final Week Of Trimester One.

By: Leela Ray | December 13, 2017
Topic: Life Skills, Student Voices

This little makeshift Thanksgiving of ours is a subtle reminder that home is where the heart (...)

What to Expect from First Trimester: An Interview with Patrick Neafsey

By: Anna Nickerson | December 11, 2017
Topic: Programs, Life Skills, Student Voices

If you’re like me and interested in seeing the parts of the world that you’ve only read about, (...)

Thrown Off the Deep End: My Experience Diving in Belize

By: Anna Nickerson | December 6, 2017
Topic: Life Skills, Wanderlust, Student Voices

Change can be good and change is good, especially when you force yourself to dive off the deep (...)

What to Expect from a Homestay: An Interview with Alex Messitidis

By: Anna Nickerson | November 29, 2017
Topic: Programs, Life Skills, Student Voices, Travel Skills

"...This might be my only opportunity to get out of that comfort zone and if I don’t now, then (...)

What I Learned from NOLS

By: Samir Kumar | November 8, 2017
Topic: Student Voices

Samir reflects on NOLS: "I’ve realized that much of what I’d expected to learn differed from (...)