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Location Spotlight: Bangkok, Thailand

By: Josh Herman | March 2, 2020
Topic: Student Voices

Our students visit plenty of cities across their 10-country gap year, meaning they see many (...)

Quotebook: Time Spent in Panama

By: Leon Louw | February 24, 2020
Topic: Student Voices

From participating in business bootcamp in Panama City to learning from members of an (...)

Business Boot Camp

By: Josh Herman | February 10, 2020
Topic: Business Skills, Student Voices

"To sum up business boot camp in one word, I would choose 'rewarding,'" our Journalism student (...)

Monteverde Host Family Interview

By: Josh Herman | January 27, 2020
Topic: Interviews, Student Voices, Travel Skills

Homestays are an integral part of immersing yourself in another culture, which is why our (...)

The Monteverde ISP Experience

By: Josh Herman | December 16, 2019
Topic: Student Voices

What is it really like to get one-on-one lessons for a skill of your choice in rural Costa (...)

Outward Bound Costa Rica: A Family

By: Leon Louw | November 18, 2019
Topic: Location Spotlight, Student Voices

What makes Outward Bound such an incredible experience? The outdoors skills and rainforest (...)