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My Gap Year Reflection

By: Anna Nickerson | May 22, 2018
Topic: Life Skills, About Us, Wanderlust

If you have the opportunity to do Winterline, you owe it to yourself to do it. Coming from an (...)

Independent Travel: My Empowering Europe ISP Experience

By: Anna Nickerson | May 17, 2018
Topic: Life Skills, Wanderlust, Travel Skills

Spending my week alone in Paris was empowering and thrilling. And it allowed me to see how much (...)

Lesson #2 from My Gap Year: Try Everything

By: Ben Welbourn | May 7, 2018
Topic: Life Skills, Guest Blogger

Ben continues to share the wisdom he picked up from his gap year. This is the second post in (...)

Introspective Reflection in India

By: Anna Nickerson | April 25, 2018
Topic: Life Skills, Student Voices

"I learned more about myself than I have in any other singular week on Winterline, which is (...)

Backcountry Medicine as a Life Skill: An Interview with Shantanu Pandit

By: Anna Nickerson | March 26, 2018
Topic: Life Skills, Interviews, Student Voices, Travel Skills

“Take any course that you can afford, ideally a ‘wilderness first aid course’ (‘wilderness’ is (...)

3 Skills You Have to Learn on Your Gap Year

By: Winterline Staff | March 19, 2018
Topic: Life Skills, Travel Skills

You need skills to be successful, but which are the hardest to learn if you go straight through (...)