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How to Overcome Homesickness

By: Anna Nickerson | August 5, 2018
Topic: Life Skills

Whether it’s your first time away from home, or you’re a seasoned independent traveler, (...)

How Gap Years Help Build Relationships

By: Allison Herman | July 22, 2018
Topic: Life Skills, Education, Travel Skills

Gap year programs teach students immensely about both interpersonal communication and (...)

How a Gap Year Develops the 8 Characteristics of Leadership

By: Allison Herman | July 20, 2018
Topic: Life Skills

Gap year programs instill many skills in students, and these skills come together to help build (...)

How to Survive a Long Flight

By: Anna Nickerson | June 29, 2018
Topic: Life Skills, Travel Skills

Do you get easily bored on flights? Or have a hard time falling sleep during long plane rides? (...)

Curiosity as a Skill

By: Anna Nickerson | June 26, 2018
Topic: Life Skills, Wanderlust, Travel Skills

“I’ve learned to look at my own curiosity as an evolving skill- something that grows and (...)

A Guide to Winterline’s “ISP”

By: Anna Nickerson | June 9, 2018
Topic: Programs, Life Skills, About Us, Education, Student Voices

Winterline is a unique gap year program for many reasons, one of them being that the program (...)