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What to Expect from the Winterline Admissions Process

By: Nora Rich | December 23, 2019
Topic: About Us, Guest Blogger, Gap Year Planning

Curious about what the admissions process is like for Winterline? No one knows it better than (...)

Why to Choose a Semester in Latin America

By: Allison Herman | December 13, 2019
Topic: Programs, Education, Gap Year Planning

We could go on and on about what makes our Latin America semester such a great opportunity for (...)

Top 4 Resources for Planning Your Gap Year

By: Allison Herman | November 20, 2019
Topic: Education, Gap Year Planning

Thinking about, applying to, and planning for a gap year can be super overwhelming. You might (...)

What’s New: Our 2020 Gap Year

By: Allison Herman | October 21, 2019
Topic: Programs, Gap Year Planning

There are some exciting new partners, skills, and countries on the itinerary for our 2020-2021 (...)

Hostels vs. AirBnB: Where to Stay?

By: Allison Herman | September 25, 2019
Topic: Gap Year Planning, Travel Skills

There are a lot of factors in deciding where to stay when you're traveling. Who you're with, (...)

Why Your Parents Worry about a Gap Year

By: Allison Herman | August 23, 2019
Topic: Gap Year Planning

...and why they shouldn't. When you say you want to go on a gap year, your parents will have (...)