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How to Save for a Gap Year

By: Winterline Staff | January 30, 2018
Topic: Gap Year Planning

Sometimes money prevents us from being able to do things we want to do. Don't give up on your (...)

Disconnect on Your Gap Year

By: Allison Herman | January 16, 2018
Topic: Life Skills, Gap Year Planning

A gap year will show you the world as you've never seen it before. Don't be too busy looking at (...)

Taking a Gap Year for Mental Health

By: Allison Herman | January 12, 2018
Topic: Life Skills, Gap Year Planning

You may find yourself finishing the school year feeling like you can't possibly take any more. (...)

Study Abroad Myths Busted

By: Allison Herman | January 5, 2018
Topic: Life Skills, Gap Year Planning, Travel Skills

What's holding you back from studying abroad? Is it a language barrier? Money? Time? Those (...)

How a Gap Year Can Add Value to Your Career

By: Colleen O'Day | December 27, 2017
Topic: Life Skills, Guest Blogger, Business Skills, Gap Year Planning

If you plan your gap year strategically, embrace the experience fully, and communicate its (...)

History of the Gap Year

By: Winterline Staff | December 25, 2017
Topic: Gap Year Planning

Where do gap years come from, and how do you know if they're right for you or your child? (...)