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My Freshman Year was a Gap Year

By: Anna Nickerson | June 15, 2018
Topic: About Us, Education, Gap Year Planning

More and more students are choosing to take gap years after they graduate from high school, (...)

A Guide to Winterline’s “ISP”

By: Anna Nickerson | June 9, 2018
Topic: Programs, Life Skills, About Us, Education, Student Voices

Winterline is a unique gap year program for many reasons, one of them being that the program (...)

Gap Year Decision Day!

By: Anna Nickerson | May 25, 2018
Topic: About Us, Education, Gap Year Planning

Go ahead and check out the hashtag #GapYearDecisionDay on Instagram and Twitter to learn more (...)

5 Steps to Defer College

By: Winterline Staff | May 9, 2018
Topic: Education, Gap Year Planning

If you've already been accepted to a college, or you're applying while considering a gap year, (...)

5 Free Resources for Learning a Language

By: Allison Heman | December 22, 2017
Topic: Life Skills, Education, Gap Year Planning, Travel Skills

Looking to practice your rusty high school Spanish skills? Interested in traveling to Japan, (...)

International Education Week 2017

By: Allison Herman | November 15, 2017
Topic: Education

The U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education are holding events from (...)