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Photos of the Week 11/22

By: Allison Herman | November 22, 2019
Topic: Photos of the Week

Our students have gone from strangers to best friends, making it hard to say goodbye for winter (...)

Top 4 Resources for Planning Your Gap Year

By: Allison Herman | November 20, 2019
Topic: Education, Gap Year Planning

Thinking about, applying to, and planning for a gap year can be super overwhelming. You might (...)

Outward Bound Costa Rica: A Family

By: Leon Louw | November 18, 2019
Topic: Location Spotlight, Student Voices

What makes Outward Bound such an incredible experience? The outdoors skills and rainforest (...)

Photos of the Week 11/15

By: Allison Herman | November 15, 2019
Topic: Photos of the Week

Costa Rica, we never get tired of the skills, animals, people, and beauty you have to offer. (...)

Reflecting on Trimester 1: A Squad 1 Quotebook

By: Josh Herman | November 13, 2019
Topic: Student Voices

As our students near the end of trimester 1, they're looking back on the experiences they've (...)

Photos of the Week 11/8

By: Allison Herman | November 8, 2019
Topic: Photos of the Week

Our 3 squads are working with all different partners in Costa Rica, soaking up the sun and (...)