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Meet Leela: Shaolin Practitioner and Eyeliner Wizard Taking A Gap Year

By: Leela Barlow | May 19, 2017
Topic: Gap Year Planning, Student Voices

I’m going on this gap year because I have no idea what I want to do in the future. Help people? (...)

Meet Anna: Young Entrepreneur and Avid Punster Taking A Gap Year

By: Anna Nickerson | May 18, 2017
Topic: Gap Year Planning, Student Voices

Obviously I’m going to go back to school and be career-oriented. I’m not trying to just take a (...)

How to Deal with Reverse Culture Shock After Your Gap Year

By: Mischa Tourin | May 17, 2017
Topic: Education, Travel Skills

Mischa Tourin, one of our star Field Advisors for the 9-month gap year program, wrote a (...)

Savannah Pallazola: Swimmer And Rock Climber Taking A Gap Year

By: Winterline | May 5, 2017
Topic: Student Voices

Meet Savannah, from Gloucester, Massachusetts -- getting ready to take an amazing gap year abroad. (...)

Packing List for a Gap Year Abroad

By: Suzanne Shaffer | May 4, 2017
Topic: Gap Year Planning, Travel Skills

If you’re planning a gap year abroad, knowing what to pack and what not to pack is essential. (...)

How to pay for a gap year: scholarships, financial aid, and more!

By: Julian Goetz | May 2, 2017
Topic: Education, Gap Year Planning

Gap year planning can be a ton of fun. This crucial advice will make sure you have the money to (...)