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Parent Spotlight: Cory Nickerson

By: Cory Nickerson | June 18, 2018
Topic: About Us, Interviews, Alum Spotlight, Gap Year Planning

Cory Nickerson, mother of Anna Nickerson, just went through a Winterline gap year in a (...)

What It’s Like to be a Work-Study Student

By: Anna Nickerson | June 17, 2018
Topic: About Us, Gap Year Planning, Student Voices

Need a way to reduce the cost of your gap year? Want to improve soft skills? Want to get better (...)

My Freshman Year was a Gap Year

By: Anna Nickerson | June 15, 2018
Topic: About Us, Education, Gap Year Planning

More and more students are choosing to take gap years after they graduate from high school, (...)

How to Pack for Your Gap Year Abroad

By: Anna Nickerson | June 12, 2018
Topic: Gap Year Planning

Not sure how to pack for your gap year? Packing for a whole year abroad can be overwhelming. (...)

Alumni Spotlight: Ana Paulina

By: Ana Paulina | June 10, 2018
Topic: About Us, Alum Spotlight, Student Voices

Our former student, Ana Paulina, took a gap year with Winterline and loved it. She's originally (...)

A Guide to Winterline’s “ISP”

By: Anna Nickerson | June 9, 2018
Topic: Programs, Life Skills, About Us, Education, Student Voices

Winterline is a unique gap year program for many reasons, one of them being that the program (...)