529 Plans, AmeriCorps & College Credit

Getting Started!

Thanks to our partnership with Western State Colorado University (WSCU), and through their Extended Studies program, you can now use your 529 College Savings Plan or AmeriCorps Education Award to pay for the Winterline Global Skills nine-month Gap Year Program and receive college credit.

Prior to college credit registration and payment, we recommend that you contact your school to verify it will accept the transfer credits from the college credit source you choose below.

WSCU will offer credit for the following sections of the Global Skills nine-month Gap Year Program.

ROE 297 Introduction to Outdoor Education, 2.5 credits; $315

ROE 297 Wilderness First Aid, 0.5 credits; $60

BUAD 297 Innovation and Project Planning for Life, 3 credits; $375

ENVS 297 Special Topics: Tropical Land and Marine Environments, 3 credits; $375

Three weeks after you’ve completed these sections, you must submit the assignment described in the WSCU packet to WSCU for final grading.

Anyone can register – you do not have to be a current WSCU student.

Next Steps

Step One
Complete and submit the application for the Winterline Global Skills nine-month Gap Year Program. Be sure to inform our Admissions department that you intend to use your AmeriCorps Education Award or 529 College Savings Plan.

Step Two
Upon acceptance to the Winterline Global Skills nine-month Gap Year Program, review the WSCU Winterline Extended Study page, then download, complete, sign, and submit the WSCU Winterline Global Education Registration Packet to WSCU. Please note that the packet must be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the date tuition is due at Winterline.

Step Three
After submitting the registration packet and receiving confirmation that WSCU has received it, submit payment to WSCU including the fees for both your WSCU credits and your Winterline tuition. Detailed payment instructions are included in the packet.

Questions? To learn more about using your 529 Savings or AmeriCorps Education Award to support Winterline tuition, contact us at Admissions@winterline.com or call us at 888-737-4226.

For questions about college credit and the 529 and AmeriCorps process, the quickest way to reach the Western Outdoor Programs staff is at outdoorprograms@western.edu.

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