Meet our Team

We are passionate about global education and developing global citizenship, and committed to delivering world-class programs.

Jeet Singh


In 2000, Jeet established the non-profit organization Winterline Foundation to promote the education of "global citizens."

Jeet is a serial entrepreneur, musician and philanthropist based in Boston, Massachusetts. He has co-founded businesses in e-commerce software, marketing services, digital media, and financial services, including the NASDAQ-listed software firm ATG (recently acquired by Oracle Corp). He is currently also the co-founder and Managing Director at Redstar Ventures, a new business “foundry”, and President of Redstar Media, a digital media content and software startup. He has extensive experience in creating and growing organizations, including product development, marketing strategy, staffing, marketing, and fund-raising.

In 2000, Jeet established the non-profit organization Winterline Foundation to promote the education of “global citizens”. The Winterline Global Skills Program is now an extension of the work carried out by the Winterline Foundation and its team.

Born in Sweden, Jeet has lived in Spain, The Soviet Union, South Vietnam, Colombia, Uganda, Finland, India, the Caribbean, and France. He is an avid scuba diver and tennis player and speaks English, Spanish, French and Hindi. He also sings and plays with the Boston-based band The Singhs.

Joseph Chung

Managing Director/Co-Founder, Redstar Ventures

Joseph is a Managing Director and co-founder of Redstar Ventures where he works with Jeet founding a stream of new companies.

Joe is Jeet’s partner in multiple businesses and also spent his career as a serial entrepreneur. He is a Managing Director and co-founder of Redstar Ventures where he works with Jeet founding a stream of new companies. Prior to Redstar he was co-founder and Chairman of Allurent and co-founder, Chairman and CTO of Art Technology Group. He holds BS and MS degrees in Computer Science from MIT. Joe is a Director of Eastern Bank, a member of the MIT Corporation Media Lab Visiting Committee, and a Trustee of Buckingham Browne and Nichols School.

Before co-founding ATG, Joe was a graduate student and research assistant at the MIT Media Lab, where he co-founded the Hyperinstruments project with acclaimed professor and composer, Tod Machover. He directed the technology team for several hyperinstrument systems including Yo-Yo Ma’s Hypercello, created for Machover’s composition, “Begin Again Again…” His technical production credits include Centre Pompidou, Boston Symphony Hall, Tanglewood, Het Concertgebouw, Suntory Hall, Bunkamura Hall, and the Barbican Centre.

Cara Ferragamo Murray

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Cara is committed to providing students with the opportunity to gain real-world skills to help them be successful adults.

Cara is a senior sales, marketing and communications strategist with over 25 years of experience in brand management, relationship marketing, sales, and partnership alliances. As the parent of two “almost teenagers,” she is committed to providing students with the opportunity to gain the real-world experience and hands-on skills that will help make them successful and fulfilled adults.

Most recently Cara was a member of the leadership team at Fullbridge, a leading career accelerator that developed innovative ways to address the growing global job skills gap for recent college graduates and early career professionals.

Previous to Fullbridge, Cara led the branding, sales growth and digital strategy as VP of Marketing & Communications at Teenlife, a curated guide for students grades 7-12, and was Director of Integrated Marketing at Harvard Magazine, the alumni publication for Harvard University. Before working in youth/education, she held a variety of positions in publishing in both New York City and Boston, including at the Ivy League Magazine Network, Boston Magazine, Gourmet magazine and Conde Nast Traveler. Cara studied at La Sorbonne, and holds a BA from Boston College.

When not working to make sure that all students have the opportunity for global enrichment and real-world experiences, Cara loves to spend time outdoors with her family, especially on the beaches of Cape Cod.

Kevin Brennan

Vice President of Finance & Planning

Kevin Brennan earned his PhD in education from the University of North Carolina, where he taught in the Department of African and Afro-American Studies.

Kevin Brennan earned his PhD in education from the University of North Carolina, where he taught in the Department of African and Afro-American Studies and served as managing editor of The High School Journal, a publication of UNC Press. He has worked with both SIT Study Abroad and the SIT Graduate Institute (Brattleboro, VT) engaging with international programs for more than a two decade period. Kevin has served as a consultant to the United Nations Centre Against Apartheid, the African-American Institute, SIT’s Center for Intercultural Programs, and other organizations and institutions.

Kevin has also worked with a variety of local organizations in southeastern Vermont, focusing on economic development, program planning, and budget mapping activities. Prior to joining Winterline, he served as the Director of Education Abroad at the University of Connecticut (UConn), where he developed and managed study abroad programs for students enrolled in the various UConn branch campuses.

Nick Manning

Director of Field Operations and US/Europe Regional Director

Nick was the first ever Field Advisor hired at Winterline and has helped grow the student experience as a direct mentor, curriculum specialist, regional director, and passionate supporter of everyone on the Winterline team.

Nick Manning’s life path has mirrored Winterline’s gap year in more ways than one. Born and raised in southwest Colorado, Nick choose a winding road that lead consistently back to the outdoors, mentorship, and personal challenge. His path has led him into the wilderness as an outdoor guide, firefighter, emergency medical technician, conservation specialist, and logger.

Nick has interspersed this path of a hands-on approach to life, including building houses and running a cattle ranch, with a rich intellectual and creative life. Nick’s path in to education came after a trip to Bangladesh and India, where he made an award-winning documentary film on an emerging environmental refugee crisis in the Ganges river delta.

Upon returning home to Colorado, the call came to support a new hometown charter school in the form of a long-term substitute teacher for 6th-grade math and science. Never backing down from a challenge, Nick said yes and fell in love with empowering young people. As a classroom teacher in 6th, 10th grade, and special education, to policy work with the Gates Foundation, Nick went head first into his passion and came out the other side as a member of the foundational team at Winterline.

Nick was the first ever Field Advisor hired at Winterline and has helped grow the student experience as a direct mentor, curriculum specialist, regional director, and passionate supporter of everyone on the Winterline team. Nick’s true passion is now hiring and mentoring the amazing field staff that mentor young adults into passionate and inspired human beings.

Nora Rich

Admissions Advisor

Nora's experience living and studying in Granada, Spain created in her a belief in the power of international travel, and the importance of experiential education.

Nora is a graduate of the Honors College at the College of Charleston where she studied Spanish and Linguistics. During college, she lived and studied in Granada, Spain for five months. The experience was the highlight of her college career and created in her a belief in the power of international travel and the importance of experiential education.

After her semester abroad, Nora worked and volunteered in the Center for International Education on campus.

Nora also spent ten summers at summer camp, five of those as a counselor. For two of those summers she worked as the Ceramics Director on camp. In her spare time, Nora can be found in a pottery studio or exploring the city.

Ashley Delehunt

Director of Student Services

Ashley is a strong believer in the power of stepping outside of one’s comfort zone whether that be international travel or a wilderness environment in pursuit of personal growth.

Ashley has been working closely with young adults and families since 2010. After earning her BA in Adventure Education from Fort Lewis College, she has dedicated her career to mentoring young people in identifying their passions and pursuing their goals. She has a strong ability to connect with others and to build relationships that balance fun and depth. She is confident managing student groups in diverse environments from remote backcountry settings to international travel.  

Having worked as a Senior Field Guide and staff mentor in wilderness therapy she worked closely with adolescents and young adults in overcoming their challenges and guiding them to live a more authentic and successful life. Ashley was a Field Advisor for Winterline in 2016-2017 and knows our program well having lived alongside our students for the full duration of the program. She understands the challenges that students often go through and appreciates the value of a skills-based program that balances community support and independence.

Living in Durango Colorado in the four corners region of the US, Ashley is often exploring the diverse landscapes of the southwest.  When not in the office she is likely to be whitewater rafting, skiing, or backpacking through various mountain and desert settings.

She appreciates the saying, “Life is not about the destination, it’s about the journey.”  This speaks to her value of enjoying the present moment, as it is. Having studied yoga and meditation, mindfulness and gratitude are values she holds highly, and loves to help others to live life to the fullest.  

One of her greatest strengths is in fostering meaningful relationships with young adults that balance leadership and accountability with gentle support.  She is a strong believer in the power of stepping outside of one’s comfort zone whether that be international travel or a wilderness environment in pursuit of personal growth.

Erica Schultz

Director of Outreach and Recruitment

Erica’s love for travel started in high school after her first time leaving America for Europe. Since then, she's spent time in another country at least once a year!

Since 2013, Erica has dedicated her time and talents to leading experiential education student groups through travel in the countries of Costa Rica, Ghana, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Myanmar. Between a few-month stint with Peace Corps in Cambodia and her degree in Spanish Writing and Literature, Erica is passionate about creating strong connections with cultures via their languages.

Erica’s love for travel started after her first time leaving America for Europe. From then on, there was no stopping! Throughout college she volunteered on medical missions in Peru, acting as a translator in the clinics and surgery rooms. She went to Uganda and helped in fundraising for the creation of an orphanage dedicated to bringing orphaned children off the streets of Kampala. She studied abroad in Salamanca, Spain in 2010, where she was able to take weekend trips to many neighboring countries.

After graduating from college, Erica went to live with her sister in Italy for 6 weeks before returning and taking a job as the assistant basketball coach at her university. Once the following summer hit and she found out that there were really jobs out there that paid you to travel with students (but really, this is a JOB?!), there was no turning back to normal routine! It has been nonstop adventure ever since.

Erica completed a 9 month season of Field Advising for Winterline (2017-18) and brings our internal team a wealth of knowledge as the Director of Outreach and Recruitment. She will be spending her time traveling throughout the states and talking with students, faculty, and other interested individuals about what Winterline has to offer. If you have any questions about the gap year program itself, she is a great resource!

Allison Herman

Marketing Intern

Allison's studies in Advertising and love for travel led her to Winterline last fall, but the company's work and people are what brought her back as an intern this year!

Allison is a current senior studying Advertising and Women’s Studies at Boston University. Born and raised in Massachusetts, she’s eager for the chance to travel as much as her colleagues have. Allison just returned from a semester abroad in Sydney, Australia, where she got to see koalas and kangaroos, snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef, and attempt to learn how to surf.

Allison loves writing, and admits she would have been an English major if it were practical, but she’s more than happy on her current track. At school, Allison volunteers with the Community Service Center and is active in both the Hillel house and her sorority. Using social media is one of her favorite pastimes, and travel is one of her biggest aspirations, meaning she fits in well on the Winterline marketing team.

Susu Gray

Regional Director for Latin America

Susu enjoys working on the nitty gritty logistical and administrative details that help students have wonderful, unforgettable experiences when traveling overseas.

Susu Gray is a US/Costa Rica dual citizen. Born and raised in Rochester, NY, USA, Susu made Monteverde, Costa Rica her home in 2001. She has worked in educational tourism for many years and enjoys working on the nitty gritty logistical and administrative details that help folks have wonderful, unforgettable experiences when traveling overseas.

When she’s not doing this, you’re likely to find Susu with her husband and two daughters doing something fun. Susu also loves dancing and salsa music.  She holds a BFA from University of Arizona along with a Certificate in International Business.

Matt Hardy

Chief Risk Officer

Matt is passionate about student growth and believes that international experiences are ideal for developing the competency and initiative necessary to lead fulfilling lives.

Matt is based in South East Asia and has worked with several organizations facilitating programs in the region. He has also worked for National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) leading courses for university students and mountain guides in India.

Matt worked for five years as director of the Experiential Education program at Johns Hopkins University. This program provided transformative experiences for students outside of the traditional classroom and gave student instructors the ability to develop skills in judgment, decision-making, interpersonal connection and facilitation. Matt loves to explore. Since moving to Southeast Asia he has cycled more than 7,000 kilometers on roads in the region, wandered paths through the Himalayas in Nepal and India, and has helped students learn new skills of self-sufficiency in travel and exploration as they navigate the intricacies of bus and train travel in India.

Matt holds a master’s degree in Adventure Education with an emphasis on program management. He is passionate about student growth and believes that international experiences are ideal for developing the competency and initiative necessary to lead effective and fulfilling lives.

Jeremy Cronon

Field Advisor

Jeremy's education coupled with his love for the outdoors makes him the perfect fit for a Winterline Field Advisor.

Splitting his youth between the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior and Madison, WI, Jeremy grew up with a great appreciation for wild spaces and their stories. His first direct encounter with leadership came on a NOLS course in the Wind River Range when he was fourteen years old. That experience introduced him to the field of outdoor education and allowed him to realize that his love of wildness and desire to be an educator could hold equal footing in his life. In the decade after his NOLS course, he worked as a sea kayaking guide in the Apostle Islands, cycled with students across Europe, and guided students through the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. He coupled education with his love of the outdoors during his tenure at Bates College, where he studied history and Spanish.

From college, Jeremy transitioned into life as a administrator and teacher at a small private school in North Carolina. Worlds away from Madison, WI, eastern North Carolina taught him lessons that he is still unpacking to this day. In his spare time, he was also able to facilitate the creation of an outdoor education program and led students climbing and hiking in western North Carolina.

After finishing up teaching in North Carolina, Jeremy moved into his Honda Element and hit the road. For the next ten months, he visited 45 of the 47 National Parks in the Lower 48, using each (and the public lands in between) to further his understanding of America’s wilderness and conservation ethic. Along the way, he focused on designing his place-based curriculum and diligently documented the trip via his blog. 32,000 miles later, the trip unexpectedly culminated with his introduction into the realm of freelance journalism.

Life on the road transitioned seamlessly into his NOLS Instructor course, which was the fulfillment of a dream ten years in the making. Since then, he has worked courses in the Wind River, Absaroka, and Chugach mountain ranges, as well as sea kayaked on Prince William Sound and along the Baja Peninsula. In between courses, he emphasizes his own learning and intentional travel. His last major adventure was hut-hiking across New Zealand for five months. With Winterline looming as his next big adventure, excitement is in the air!

Jeff David

Field Advisor

Jeff is a Wilderness First Responder, Rescue SCUBA diver, Red Cross Lifeguard, and has a diversity of experience and professional training in the field of experiential education.

Jeff started his career as an educator in the summer of 2009 while working with underserved youth in his Pennsylvania hometown teaching the fundamentals of urban farming and small business management. After completing a degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Pittsburgh, Jeff worked in Environmental Compliance and then went to Catalina Island. He spent the next few years teaching marine science, helping students gain a firsthand understanding of the ocean and shed their fears of the unknown.

A free winter away from the California island afforded Jeff some time for travel, which led to a trip where he guided for a beachside outfitter in Costa Rica. It didn’t take long after his return stateside that he had his sights set back on Central America for a longer term.

This led him to a semester facilitating programming for college students at a field research station on Panama’s Caribbean archipelago. To get more experience in the field of higher education, Jeff’s next move was to the Pacific Northwest where he would help run the Seattle University Adventure & Leadership Development Program, while taking graduate classes in student development.

He has since worked with an international expeditionary Gap semester program, and spends his off seasons leading educational and adventure trips to places as diverse as Fiji, Italy, The Galapagos, and parts of the US and Canada. Jeff is ecstatic to share his passion for adventure and discovery with the Winterline Squad this fall!

Patrick Galvin

Field Advisor

Patrick is happiest when his backpack is on and he is out exploring. He found his love of working with young adults during his travels by leading programs in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia.

Growing up in Truckee, California with the beauty of the Sierra Nevada mountain range right outside his back door sparked Patrick’s love for nature and being outside. He grew up chasing his two older brothers around the hiking trails and ski mountains, competing against them in everything from sports to who had to do the dishes that night. Patrick’s childhood, in the loving mountain community, shaped him into the person he is today.

After growing up in the mountains and snow Patrick decided to attend university in San Diego to enjoy sunshine and beaches. He graduated from San Diego State University with a BS in Construction Engineering and countless leadership positions under his belt. Patrick took his leadership to the next level as Project Engineer and Manager on large construction projects in San Francisco for four years,

but eventually succumbed to the travel bug and left his job to explore different cultures and the unknown.

Patrick is happiest when his backpack is on and he is out exploring…and we can’t blame him! He found his love of working with young adults during his travels leading programs in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. Patrick is excited to join the Winterline family to combine his passions of travel, mentorship, and the love of life through the gap year program. With about a dozen student trips under his belt, including our 2017-2018 Gap Year, Patrick is stoked to spend time traveling the globe with this year’s group of students, leading them on amazing journey of self discovery.

The quote Patrick lives by is “the more you put into living, the more you get out of life.”

Hillevi Johnson

Field Advisor

Hillevi is so excited to dive in to a whole new chapter of mentoring students through travel and hands-on learning.

Hillevi’s first taste of international travel was during her junior year of high school, when her zoology class took an ecotourism trip to Costa Rica. This experience sparked her passion for service learning, experiential education, and adventure to new places. Throughout her college years at Western Oregon University, Hillevi was the student leader for service learning trips to Cape Verde, Peru, and Southern England. A language enthusiast, she studied American Sign Language and received her B.A. in Spanish Language.

Hillevi has led high school student groups in the Dominican Republic and has assisted students with international flight travel to Australia, Thailand, and China. She is so excited to return to this type of work and dive in to a whole new chapter of mentoring students through travel. She has witnessed first-hand how

transformative these experiences can be and feels extremely grateful to be able to be a part of students’ Winterline story!

Hillevi resides in beautiful Portland, Oregon. For the last several years she has worked as a Case Manager for children and emerging adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. While this work has been challenging, she is grateful for everything it has taught her and the impact that she has been able to make.

She feels most at home when surrounded by mountains, and in her free time you can find her hiking, running, snowboarding, cuddling her cat, or playing roller derby with the Rose City Rollers. Her biggest adventure to date was a recent 48-state, 4-month United States road trip.

Arielle Polites

Field Advisor

Arielle has very much taken the Winterline perspective on life: in order to learn what you are good at and what you love, you must try new things that challenge you!

Hailing from the small New England state of Connecticut, Arielle Polites has been working in youth development, experiential education and travel for over 8 years. Arielle is committed to bettering the world. Her dedication to social justice first sprang from her studies at Fordham University in New York City, where she double majored in Anthropology and Spanish Literature, studied for a semester in Granada, Spain and spent a month building a house and volunteering in Brazil.

With a passion for language and cultural exchange, Arielle spent the summer after college teaching English in Italy. She then followed her interest in mindfulness and community building to Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Western Massachusetts where she lived for a year as a Production Support volunteer. In addition to learning event management skills at Kripalu, Arielle dedicated herself to coaching practices, community living and conscious dialogue techniques.

She went on to train as a yoga instructor in Chiang Rai, Thailand and spent three months volunteering throughout Thailand and gained experience in permaculture, mud hut building and caring for elephants.

Arielle has since spent the last five years working in the wellness and education sector, first running tours for foreign high school students and most recently working for the international NGO buildOn as a Service Learning Program Coordinator based in Bridgeport, CT. Through her work with buildOn, Arielle was grateful to not only empower youth to take action on social issues ranging from hunger and homelessness to immigration but she also lead three groups abroad to Haiti, Nepal and Nicaragua to build schools while living in the homes of community members.

Kimiko Strayer

Field Advisor

When Kimiko is not out exploring other countries, you can find her discovering new places and activities with friends closer to home, caring for animals, volunteering with various programs centered on personal development, or working with 18-22 year olds from all backgrounds in various roles.

Kimiko is a dreamer, traveler, animal lover, and educator. Being born and raised in the Bay Area, California, she was surrounded by diversity at a young age, which ignited her curiosity about other languages and cultures around the world. Coming from two cultures herself, the daughter of a Japanese mother and American father (from Kansas), traveling always played a huge part of Kimiko’s life. In fact, she lived in Japan for half a year as a child and has studied, worked, volunteered, or simply visited 23 countries since then.

Given her passion for travel and helping people, she saw it fit to pursue International Business as a major in college. After graduating with her Bachelor’s in International Business with a minor in Sociology and Japanese Language, she pursued a Master’s in Counseling Education.

Since discovering her passion for counseling and education, she has found every excuse to exercise it in other countries. Most recently, she has led a trip of high school students from low income backgrounds to Dominican Republic with the focus of exposing students to new cultures, while learning about important topics such as immigration, poverty, and social justice. The trip was concluded by a community action project carried out by the students to benefit those communities that they had learned from during the visit.

Kimiko is looking forward to transitioning from her time in the office to one which allows her to experience her love for travel, education and counseling. With her skills and experience, she is thrilled to guide a journey of self-discovery through travel for her favorite age-group of students of Winterline.

James Townsend

Field Advisor

James has devoted the past few years to working in experiential education, with a passion for introducing others to the same transformative nature of adventure, travel and the great outdoors that shaped who he is today.

From a young age, James was instilled with a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world when his parents began regularly inviting foreign exchange students to live with them each year. Despite only first leaving the US when he was 16, growing up at his home in rural Maryland was its own daily travel experience, hearing stories about being raised in the Soviet Union, the smells of Indian food being cooked from the kitchen, and practicing phrases in Thai around the dinner table. Those first introductions into the power of expanding and challenging one’s worldview and the beauty of the Earth’s cultural diversity, would shape his passions and career choices for the rest of his life.

At Salisbury University, James pursued a dual degree in journalism and international studies. He studied abroad for a semester in Tanzania at the University of Dar es Salaam majoring in African studies, learning Swahili, and living with a local family. He later studied abroad in India.

After graduation, James went on to work in Washington, D.C., for an advocacy organization that fights extreme poverty and preventable disease by raising public awareness and lobbying political representatives to support lifesaving and sustainable foreign aid programs in Africa, and the developing world. While working there, he was sent on assignment to South Africa and Zambia as a part of a listening-and-learning convoy to report on U.S.-funded foreign aid projects in the field.

Recently, he has worked in the Los Angeles school system providing after school character building and leadership-focused outdoor adventure trips for teens, teaching enrichment programs in a local middle school, and organizing freshmen orientation trips for Southern California universities, while spending his summers abroad leading student service and travel programs, primarily in East Africa.


Nicole Trecartin

Field Advisor

Nicole believes a huge part of growth is understanding the lens you see the world through and how that lens is developed through lived experiences.

Nicole got her first taste of experiential education during a semester long trip to New Zealand. Experiential focused in nature, she was able to understand first hand the value of out of the classroom learning.   After her time in New Zealand, Nicole has continued to explore the world. While living in Thailand for 2 years Nicole discovered her passion for teaching and furthered her own learnings.

After returning home, she went back to study, receiving her Masters in International Higher Education and Intercultural Relations. She believes a huge part of growth is understanding the lens you see the world through and how that lens is developed through lived experiences. 

Nicole has lead high school and college groups in Indonesia and has traveled extensively throughout South East Asia.

When not running trips abroad or traveling on her own, you can find Nicole hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire or swimming in the cold Atlantic. As a Boston native, she does her best to get out into the world and in the nature right in her backyard. She is so excited to lead a trip with Winterline and continue to help youth discover their potential.

Eileen Walz

Field Advisor

Eileen believes that learning happens more easily & naturally when not in a classroom, and she is committed to changing how young adults pursue life after high school.

Eileen is an educator, engineer and creative, with an endless desire to see the world from new perspectives. Her first true travel experiences in Peru & Kenya made a lasting impression that revealed the value of leaving home. After working on a number of international water systems, she felt drawn towards using technology and education rather than engineered systems to empower people.

She finished her BS in environmental engineering and went on to get her MS in Library & Information Systems. Along the way, she discovered her love for designing and leading education experiences. The first course she taught was a creativity and design thinking course in the college of Engineering at the University of Illinois. Since then she has been seeking out, and creating, unique learning experiences for students.

She led a design thinking course for a gap year program in the Panamanian rainforest, taught engineering and physics to high school students, designed team dynamics training programs, and led a trip on social innovation in Ecuador. She believes learning happens more easily and naturally when not in a classroom and is committed to changing how young adults pursue life after high school.

Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, she has made her home in Colorado. She loves the access to far reaching wilderness, unconventional friends, and the slot canyons in Utah. She also likes to dance, climb, swim, read, handstand, host elaborate dinner parties, and most recently code.

Dr. Ivor Garlick

Medical Director

Dr. Garlick's experiences with primary care, administration and leadership skills make us proud to call him the Medical Director for IGE.

Dr. Ivor Garlick is a Board Certified Physician in Internal Medicine and Addiction Medicine. He has run his private practice since 1981. Dr. Garlick has served as Medical Director of Impact Global Education (legacy ThinkImpact) since 2007.

For the past 25 years, he has worked as a physician and administrator while Medical Director for a health care company that provides comprehensive health care to jails and prisons across the United States. In these roles, he has, directly and indirectly, provided primary care services to thousands of inmates and he has played an integral part in developing policies and protocols for correctional health services nationwide. He has been a leader and mentor to physicians, mid-level providers, and nurses throughout his career.

Dr. Garlick graduated medical school in South Africa where he worked as a doctor for several years, including training at Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto Township, the third largest hospital in the world. Before he immigrated to the United States where he completed his studies, he worked at hospitals in Amsterdam and London. His experiences in Africa, Europe, and the United States have given him the opportunity to understand how medicine is practiced in different parts of the world.

Dr. Garlick’s commitment as a physician is to the continuous improvement in quality care, prevention and safety in medicine. His experiences with primary care, administration, and leadership of complex health care systems provide innumerable insights as medical director for IGE in our efforts to provide safe health care services to our students.

Nathan Kumar Scott

Founding President & Executive Director

Nathan spent 12 years directing an organization whose mission was to provide transformational educational experiences for students.

Nathan has been working in the field of international education for the past 20 years, first as an educator working one-on-one with students and subsequently as the Executive Director of the global educational non-profit SAGE, or ‘Studies Abroad for Global Education’.

As SAGE’s founding Director, Nathan spent the past 12 years of his career creating and directing a successful and sustainable international organization whose mission is to provide challenging and transformational educational experiences for students outside of their home countries.

Nathan oversaw the growth of SAGE from a small non-profit to an organization serving the global educational needs of hundreds of schools and thousands of students around the world. Nathan has had the opportunity to create new and innovative experiential programs, pushing students outside their comfort zones and challenging them to become truly global citizens.

Born and raised in India, Nathan speaks fluent Hindi, and studied at Woodstock School in the Himalayas. He holds an M.A. from the University of Washington in International Studies and a B.A. from Oberlin College in anthropology. Nathan has been a Watson Fellow, studying non-formal education in South and Southeast Asia, as well as a Fulbright Fellow in India, studying Indian performing arts.

Besides his many years and extensive experience in India, Nathan has travelled and worked throughout the developing world: in both East and West Africa, (learning important skills from Kenyan tribal youth and Ghanaian elders); Central and South America (teaching college courses in Spanish at Universidad de las Americas in Mexico, volunteering in the Ecuadorian rainforests, living with his family in the mountains of Costa Rica); and East and Southeast Asia (studying Bahasa Indonesia while doing research in Indonesia, living and working in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Philippines).

Gary Robinson


Gary has dedicated himself for over 30 years to helping students overcome barriers to learning and growth in college/university counseling center settings

Gary has dedicated himself for over 30 years to helping students overcome barriers to learning and growth in college/university counseling center settings. His clinical specialties have included stress management, mood and anxiety disorders and life coaching/mentoring. He holds degrees from the University of Pittsburgh and the State University of New York.

Gary was a staff member on Semester at Sea, an around-the-world voyage of discovery. He serves on the International Committee for the American Counseling Association (ACA). Recently, he teamed up with 2 other licensed mental health professionals to form P3 Mental Health Advisors, LLC.  P3 serves in a training and consulting role to several Gap Year, Experiential Education and Service Learning programs.

Craig Shealey

Education Consultant

Shealy is 2017 President of the American Psychological Association’s Division of International Psychology

Craig N. Shealy, Ph.D. is Executive Director of the International Beliefs and Values Institute (IBAVI) and Professor of Graduate Psychology at James Madison University.

Dr. Shealy works with the IBAVI’s Executive and Advisory Boards to lead and coordinate a wide range of scholarly, educational, and service projects and partnerships with individuals and organizations in the United States and internationally, including Cultivating the Globally Sustainable Self, a multi-year, multi-institution research-to-practice summit series hosted by James Madison University, which will be featured in a forthcoming book edited by Dr. Shealy for Oxford University Press.

A licensed clinical psychologist, Shealy is 2017 President of the American Psychological Association’s Division of International Psychology, a recipient of the Early Career Award from the American Psychological Association’s Division of Psychotherapy, a Madison Scholar at James Madison University, a Nehru Chair at the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, India, and a National Register Legacy of Excellence Psychologist.

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