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Gap Year

Real Skills For The Real World.

You’ll visit 10 countries over 9 months and learn 100 new skills… you’ll try new things, meet different people, see amazing sights. And at the end of your journey, your most important discoveries may be about yourself.

  • 9 months

  • 10 countries

  • 100 skills

Life Skills

Never stop learning

Your time with Winterline may be the most enriching experience of your life. You’ll learn skills that you’ll draw on for your entire life … at the same time you are exploring the world, with new cultures, new adventures, new experiences.

  • 9-14 Days

  • One Country

  • Real-world skills

Business Skills

Step into the world of business

Winterline Business Skills Programs embrace exploration and discovery within a focused area of interest. Marketing? Digital storytelling? Personal branding? Get a taste of something that might become a lifelong passion or career path. Or not.

  • 9 Days

  • One Country

  • Career skills

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Winterline Gap Year Program

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Discover your passions and acquire real skills for the real world.


See new places and learn something new.

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Because the more competent you are, the more confident you feel.

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Home, Sweet Home? A Teenager’s Guide To Reverse Culture Shock

Leela Ray | 21 February 2018

I felt good. I had always felt good, regardless of what was said. I knew intrinsically that I was different, and it was enough. I was chasing after something that ultimately just enabled me to see how much happier I was after my two months with Winterline.

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“I am a learner, a problem solver, an adventurer, and a creator. Winterline allowed me to explore every facet of my identity, to discover more about who I really am.”

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The Adventure of Your Lifetime

Is Winterline for you? Are you someone who is adventurous (or wants to be)? Who is open to new experiences, interested in meeting new people and willing to challenge yourself, your ideas, your pre-conceptions? Then you’re the one we want.

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